Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Blue Top Tables

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I will swear these three tables have blue tops.

I used a pale blue.

The three tables are part of downsizing.

This table was a standard in the bedroom corner.

Came out at Christmas to display a manger.

Have to remember it is no longer available.

This table was a standard in the den.

Held seasonal displays including a small Christmas tree.

Have to remember it is no longer available.

Under the burlap a pot-burnt surface.

Yes, that is a mahogany table.

Yes, I have sworn countless times NOT to paint any more mahogany furniture pieces.

This table was a standard in the breakfast room - formerly part of Horror Monster, my once-beloved craft stash.

Held metal file boxes of paper supplies and craft books.

I have to remember ...

No, I don't have to remember because ALL the craft stuff is GONE!

Peeled off several layers of adhesive paper to discover a whole lot of ugly.

Decided to wash and scrub.

 Multiple times!

Somewhat better.

Sanded the tops of all three.

Scrubbing the bases several times.

All the tops now smooth as glass.

All the bases were treated with Howard's Restor-A-Finish. (Not a sponsor)

Right cute little group.

Great little work tables, but they never made it back in the house.

Straight to the truck for a ride to the booth.

I waited until dusk to prove the tops are blue!

See y'all!

The Mannington/ Revive floor we chose is featured here: Revive Floors

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  1. Donna you were really serious about cleaning out. I think those little tables turned out great and I know you are going to miss them, especially when you realize that you need a little table for that! LOL!
    I'm sure they will sell fast.


  2. Good for you. I know firsthand how hard it is to let these things go. Been there, doing that! I bet those tables sell right away--those small tables always come in handy. Isn't it good (in a way) to just start feeling free of 'stuff'? I know it feels good to me. xo Diaa

  3. Those tables will sell quickly. They are great re loves Donna. Happy Tuesday.

  4. When we moved... lots of things did not make it into the new house (yet). I'm waiting to see what fits and what doesn't once I get my hands on a paint brush and the carpet gets ripped up!

  5. What perfect little tables! I love the blue tops! I have all the furniture I need (well more then I need probably) but would be tempted by those tables for sure!

  6. You are brave to get rid of your own possessions! I am not there yet! I have a hard time getting rid of other peoples possessions that I pay for! They turned out great, but then you put a lot of work into them!

  7. Another successful rescue! They will sell fast!

  8. Donna, I'm amazed you've stuck to your guns on Horror Monster! It's so hard for us pickers to restrain. I know it is for me. Those tables will sell in a heartbeat.

  9. I often use the palest blue and it's my favourite kind even if it's hard to get a good picture of it...


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