Friday, October 27, 2017

Friday Finds: The Junk Man's Loss

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A couple of Saturday's ago I lucked up on a junk man's closing sale.

I had never stopped at the building before.

I was surprised at all the neat stuff he had.

What in the world is this? 

An art deco store display rack for jackets or shirts.

Rich patina and heavy duty.

His loss, my gain.

Gave me a price for one insulator.

I asked for a price for ALL of the insulators.

His loss, my gain.

Two old first aid kits still full of supplies.

One from Nassau County Police Department.

The other "Property of the State of South Carolina".

Not anymore.

I will admit haggling went on and on over the price for these two.

Finally we reached an agreement.

His loss, my gain.

Love the brown splatter enamelware sieve and will keep it.

Paid his price for it and he threw in the candy tin.

His loss ...

I dug these out of various assorted boxes under his tables and put them together on the counter.

He was quite taken with the way they looked all together.

However he had agreed on a price for the three before I placed them there.

... my gain.

I have never found one of these before.

It is a tin bread box.

Just like the picnic tin I used to own but sold!


My loss and my gain.

I am keeping this for a bit.

Milk glass mugs for a drink after skiing.

Be prepared to gag.

It is a Schuss Boomer.

Hot Dr. Pepper with Bacardi Rum mixed in.


But the graphics are so cute.

A very productive day for me.

See y'all!

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  1. I had a bread box just like that back in the 1970s!! I haven't seen one of those in years.

    Looks like you had a good day/haul. xo Diana

  2. Good morning Donna. On occasion I have seen those metal bread boxes. They are pretty cool. Looks like you had a great junkin day! Happy Friday.

  3. Happy junkin' day for you! My favorite is art deco store display rack.

  4. Very sweet finds! I just found one of those bread boxes....billed it as a picnic basket because of the handles. Oops!

  5. Wow, you really got some great things...your gain for sure! Love the mugs but ewww to the hot Dr Pepper and Rum. I still can't find 'charlotte' :(

  6. You sure hit some winners with that junkin guy. Great stuff. Love the old clothes display rack and those really cool looking first aide it all. Good job. I would love to have been there to watch you haggling with him, no doubt in my mind that you would win! LOL!

  7. Sounds like you enjoy the items you got! I had not seen some of them ever before!

  8. Love the tin bread box. You know how to haggle and get great bargains. Wish I had been with you ... love shopping junk shops.

  9. Are those 8-track tapes in one of those photos? I didn't know those were desirable. Other finds are great & that is an interesting Art Deco clothes rack. Never seen one before. I bet you are some haggler Donna!

  10. I've had a number of those tin picnic baskets...and that's what I think they are. Potato/potahto stick wicked cool.


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