Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Rushing Around West Columbia

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Saturday a week ago I was lucky enough to meet up with Rush in Columbia for a day of junkin'.

In no special order, here are the treasures I found Rush-ing around West Columbia, South Carolina. 

One huge atlas with great color maps.

Found at His House.

 A brass urn.

A silver plated teapot and a cream pitcher found at Goodwill.

At Habitat we found a bunch of numbers - mostly sixes (or nines) .

The eights went to live with Fonda - her favorite number.

Assorted old books found here and there.

A white hamper basket.

Adorable needlepoint.

A girl and her puppy off to school with an apple for her teacher.

Two hymnals and a reading book.

Rush to the rescue

I spied these from across the thrift store but could not get around the customers.

Fonda blocked them from the books so I could arrive with a cart to scoop up all the Hardy Boys books.

From the 1960's.

Just one lone Nancy Drew.

Another His House find - old romance books.

The dust jackets have a wonderful vintage look.

A metal plant stand bought at Habitat.

This sweet bench in great shape (but horrid paint job) was found hidden at His House.

She is getting a makeover.


So Rush and I went to the No. 1 Flea Market, His House, Habitat, lunch at Applebee's (thanks, Fonda!) and finally to Goodwill before I returned her to her hotel.

I hope she will visit again.

Junkin' with me is an Olympic sport.

And Fonda deserves a gold medal!

See y'all!


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  1. ohhhh...I loved the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew as a kid! I still have a bunch of them too. Great find!

  2. The only thing I wanted to tackle you for is the atlas! I may be bigger than you, but with a bum leg and you running circles around me, it wasn't meant to be! However, I'll always block the good stuff until I know if you want it or not. We had a fun time, and I'm still recuperating from it! I also like the metal plant stand, which I have no room for, so I let you get away with that one. Yep! We had fun!

    1. P.S. It would be interesting to read When a Man Marries, written by a woman. I wonder what she had to say on the subject.

  3. Junkin with you is an Olympic sport but oh so much fun! Love all the books and that cool plant stand! Happy Halloween!

  4. I am very curious about the book WHEN A MAN MARRIES. Was it an advice book or a romance novel or ???

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