Friday, October 20, 2017

Friday Finds

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This week's Friday Finds post features a truckload of items from a swap meet to benefit the animal shelter.

As you can see the back was fully loaded.

Even the front seat was piled high.

Yes, I had to bungee the red wagon to the tailgate.

A cute blue cabinet.

A distressed magazine rack.

A large gold frame.

A painted little ladder.

The two horse head pieces were once part of a stable gate.

Looks fabulous, but it is really for an outside room.

Made of plastic with a pink plush fabric.

A little red wagon.

Should have bought it first to haul my stuff back and forth to the truck.

A snow painting purchased from a guy who commissioned the painter for this scene.

Typesetter drawer in great condition - just needs extreme cleaning.

A bright blue chair.

Two quilts.

A large basket with two pale blue floral pillows.

A plant stand in need of paint.

Two pink ironstone divided plates.

Squint your eyes - they look like faces.

Purple violet vase - very attractive.

Large white ironstone platter.

As if I needed another platter.

A rusty old hand truck.

A small bookcase.

A oak split basket.

Small level.

Large dictionary.

Horse head painting.

Off this weekend to Columbia to meet up with Rush who is visiting.

We have junkin' on our minds.

Watch out Soda City!

See y'all!

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  1. Great Friday finds and I love that it benefits helping animals. Yeah!!! Love that little red wagon. Just adorable. Happy Friday.

  2. Such good junk!!! I hope you have a fun junkin weekend!

  3. Sitting in my hotel room thinking about tomorrow! Still keeping busy, though.

    Where will you keep these goodies? The booth must be filled to the ceiling!

  4. being broke old and sick most of the time i so enjoy seeing the stuff you get it is awesome i am so so jealous xx

  5. Good pickin' Donna! I've got my eye on the blue and white quilt and the snow painting :) Enjoy your day with Rush--

  6. Oh my what variety you find!! Wherever do you put it all? Do you still have two booths? I can imagine that your stuff flys out of your booth because it is so unique and fabulous.

  7. Wow! You found quite a variety of things and they all look great. I saw the faces in those dishes before you even mentioned it. lol I see faces in barns, with window/door placements, too. I think it's a sickness.....looking for faces xo Daina

  8. Those plates definitely look like faces! Great finds Donna.

  9. Great finds Donna! Lovin' the blue shelf!


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