Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Ridge Spring Sprint

Ridge Spring SC, junkin trip, vintage books, Juniper
One Thursday Chucks and I decided to make a sprint up the road to Ridge Spring for lunch at Juniper. (FB page here)

Of course you have to visit Stuff and Things - the best junk store ever!

A basket of buckets.

A pile of Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew.

A small crate and two buckets.

Hundreds of saving stamps.

S&H, Top Value and others.

Some never used.

Including booklets.

Sold right away.

THEN Florence informs me you can still redeem them online! (HERE)

Had delicious salads at Juniper and headed back home.

Of course I must stop at the thrift store.

Found these two caned seat chairs and the end table.

The chairs were featured in the Sunday Quickies post.

See the makeover HERE. 

See y'all!

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  1. Thank you for the mention Donna! Wow, all those green stamps & that they sold right away! Blows my mind. I did sell mine though, as a result of my post. I sold some Nancy Drews recently too, but I probably won't buy them again. They took too long. Love the buckets!

  2. I passed up some stamps a couple of weeks ago! I didn't know you could redeem them! Rats!

  3. I just purchased Florence's stash of S&H and Top Value stamps. I'm going to use these in my art, but I will check out the online redemption site. Nice basket of buckets.

    1. I just went to the S & H green stamp redemption site (https://www.greenpoints.com/), and they require one to submit a minimum of 60 books in order to redeem for gift cards. I certainly don't have 60 books!

  4. I still love those chairs and how gorgeous you made them look! Oh what fun stuff you find. Buckets, books and S&H stamps!!

  5. Oh~ You did good!!! My mother furnished a lot of our farm home by redeeming S&H green stamps. xo Diana

  6. I had no idea they can still be redeemed! Wow!

  7. As usual you found a ton of good stuff. Love the furniture.


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