Monday, October 31, 2016

Basic Black Bookshelf

bookshelf makeover, painted furniture, black shelf

Happy Halloween!

No, I will not be throwing out my lovely pink mosaic pumpkin.

Pumpkins are good until Thanksgiving.

Chucks has been driving this bookshelf around in the back of his truck for weeks. 

Cleaned and sanded - as you can see multiple layers of paint.

Painted it satin black.

A basic black bookshelf  is a great display piece to let your collections shine.

Even if you (or me) dragged the collection out of the yard.

(or I)

Another pic of the pumpkin.

Another pic of the basic black bookshelf. 

Did not want to leave out my watering can.

And the pine cone which seems to photo bomb most of my blog pics.

Hope your bags are filled with chocolate!

No rocks.

See y'all!


  1. We are loaded with "good" candy. No trick-or-treaters last night...maybe tonight. We looked on our town's web site, and it doesn't mention when beggar's night is. If it isn't tonight, we have quite a load of chocolate candies that SHOULD last for at least a month!!!

    Love the black shelf and how it is a great backdrop to your yardlings. Great for showing off your stuff!

  2. Too bad you can't keep that pretty pumpkin forever, Donna!
    Happy Halloween! Great black shelf for display. You, me or I. ;)

  3. Basic black never looked so good! :)

  4. I tend to paint everything white...almost...& yes I know it's boring...LOL. But black is a good point. I like the way it brings your stuff to attention.

  5. Basic black is classic, and highlights all those treasures nicely. Still loving that pumpkin!


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