Monday, October 9, 2017

Linda's Downsizing, My Downfall

vintage finds, pottery, Poppytrail California Strawberry, Royal Copley
Linda from A La Carte sends me these tantalizing emails filled with photos of items she is downsizing.

With great prices!

We plan a fun place to meet to have a wonderful lunch and some vintage shopping.

We chose Madison, Georgia for our last Fun Day.

Some I kept and some things I have in my booth.

The plant tables I used until all my summer pots of plants dried up. Then off to to another person to use.

The bookshelf was not part of the stash but used to display all the goodies.

Lovely pottery shoes and a Roseville dog dish among other things.

A pile of small tobacco bags.

Baby shoes 

Hammered aluminum

Some of you may remember when insurance policies were  fancy certificates presented to you in metal boxes like this one.

A box of china balls with numbers and letters. 

These look great in glass-top canning jars with metal bales.

More pottery - aqua apple dishes, and fiesta tea cups, a set of rooster creamers.

A bread basket.

A close up of the adorable donkey figurines.


Look at the shape of the juice pitcher complete with the six glasses.

Old patterns are good sellers in the booth.

I had the front pattern when I used to sew and made several dresses.

Salt cellars and a martini pitcher.

More creamers.

I had to keep a couple of these.

The darling tweed case was mine from the start.

Planned to paint the rolling pins but someone put dibs on them.

Fruit squeezer is a nice heavy duty one.

Linda knows I have a huge soft spot for baby shoes.

Used these in a large glass vase until they left for another home.

1950's bar set.

Plan to paint the cutting board.

Royal Copley pottery bird bowls.

One pink and one blue.

No one seems to want these.

I think it is neat there is a pair of them.

Maybe they will become a Christmas present. 

The green glassware looks rather fetching in the booth with orange pumpkins.

Two tea pots.

Especially love the tomato red Universal one. 

Milk glass goblets will be filled with small bottle brush trees.

A set of yellow Luray serving pieces - two platters and a bowl.

And last but not least, a whole set of Poppytrail California Strawberry.

There is only one saucer missing. 

In excellent condition.

No scratches - no stains.

Bowls for cereal, serving, soups, etc.

Serving dishes. 

Tea pot with creamer and sugar.

Dinner plates, cups and saucers.

Covered tureen.

Gravy boat.

I have this displayed in my booth with groups marked separately with the option to buy the entire set.

Many lookers but no offers yet.

Linda and I unloaded her SUV and loaded my SUV with all the items.

We did such a great job, I still had space to buy more!

You can see those things tomorrow!

Thanks, Linda!

See y'all!

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  1. Wow Donna how great that you could get all these wonderful treasures from Linda and have a fun day together too. Happy New Week.

  2. I think Rush & I might be interested in (some of) the ceramic number-balls - Those are too cool!

    1. Katie's right!!! Can you find an 8? A K or and F? Otherwise, an assortment of 3 would do us nicely. Also, I'd like one of the Royal Copley pottery bird bowls in pink, although I'd take the blue if the pink is gone. You're going to have to keep a tally, so I can pay you when I see you! Also, I love the green planters (bookends ?) in the second picture. Don't need, just love - trying to restrain myself. You find the coolest stuff!

  3. Wow! That's my kind of shopping....all there for you in one spot. Those white balls with the numbers gave my heart a twinge since I had some and sold them in the glass jar....ugh! Wish I woulda kept them!

  4. Jealous of all your treasures! I'm heading out on the last yard sale route of the year this weekend! Sad yard sale season is almost over, but happy to be junkin still!

  5. The juicer is actually a potato ricer - makes lump-less mashed potatoes! Linda is certain;y downsizing! That's a big bundle of great things.

  6. Oh wow, I love seeing it all. Once you said yes to things I boxed them up so I wouldn't take them back! So glad you found some things for yourself and some to sell. I'm downsizing some more soon! I think I'm nearing the end of the really good stuff!!

  7. Wow! What an amazing haul . . . I love those glass balls, I wonder what they came from? Possibly a game.

  8. It pays to have junking friends in high places!!! Linda always has good stuff and I'm glad she gave you first choice. Great haul!


  9. Fun day and lots of goodies...Linda is a sweetie!

  10. Wow Donna ... lucky you to have a friend like Linda that knows what you like and brings it to you. And good that Linda is downsizing and helping you add interesting inventory to your booths. That's the kind of friends to have. Love it all. The glass numbered balls are so interesting. Would like to find some of those.
    Audrey Z.


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