Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Floral & Shabby Curio Cabinet

painted furniture, distressed painting, makeover, curio cabinet
Both kitty and pumpkin approved.

This floral and shabby corner curio cabinet.

She was a tired old thing.

After being scrubbed and lightly sanded, she took a short nap.

Rust-Oleum in Heirloom White.

Just a light coat - front and back.

Then heavily sanded.

Mod Podged this faded floral calico paper on each shelf.

Dry-brushed a Sea Mist green (Folk Art) here, there, and everywhere. 

Several coats of satin varnish.

Miss Floral and Shabby looked very pretty, but no room for her here.

So off to Booth C-23 she went.

I wish I had bought more of this paper.

It has been hidden in a stack of junk. 

I know it has been years since I bought it.

Is it illegal to scan and print?


SSSHHH!!!  Don't tell!

Perfect for displaying your tiny pumpkins.

Definitely pumpkin-approved!

I looked back to find a project using the floral paper - had to go all the way back to August, 2012 - Priscilla, Plant Princess.

Gosh, my blog was awful back then! 

See y'all!


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  1. Just a thought . . . take your OWN picture of that paper . .. and then print IT!!! :D

  2. That turned out really nice Donna. Just perfect with the cat the the pumpkins. I looked back at your 2012 blog and it was not awful !!!

  3. Love the little pumpkins displayed on it! Too cute!

  4. I try to never go past 2010 when looking at old blog posts of mine. My blog was atrocious for years before I figured out what I was doing.

  5. I love corner cabinets but no where for them in my home right now. I need to buy a pumpkin though!! Oh my first year of posts was so so bad!!

  6. Super cute Donna. You do not see too many of those corner cabinets anymore.
    Great re love.

  7. Love corner cabinets! I wonder if I have enough corners to use for all that I want?!!

  8. HI Donna,
    I like these corner pieces- so handy for displaying little things.
    I cringe when I look at old posts, too. Yikes. :) But hey, we were learning!
    xo, T.

  9. Such a cute fix-up. I have seen several of those in various sizes, so gives inspiration.

  10. The pumpkins look PERFECT on your beautiful "new" shelf--I think you should keep it til the holidays are over :)

  11. you know just where to dry brush to give it interest.

  12. I love the shabby look! The dry brush color is perfect. I am struggling to get that look on my painted projects. Probably because I am afraid to sand too much!

  13. Love the shelf and I have a much smaller version of it. I love the color Heirloom white and use it often in our old home. It turned out really nice...

  14. Turned out so cute! I have a few similar shelves that I will have to pull out and work some magic on like this!

    xo Dianne

  15. What an unusual piece Donna. You gave it the 1, 2, and it looks great! Thanks for sharing it with SYC.

  16. Looks good Donna! For a minute there, I thought you used that Saltwash stuff!


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