Sunday, October 23, 2016

Quickies - Gray Shadows

quick makeover, primitive tray, shadow painting
Quickies project for this week involves gray shadows.

And a bird!

A primitive tray once used for peat pot starters.

Then a photo backdrop.

I had it propped up for a photo when I noticed the shadow of a crepe myrtle.

Decided it needed a wash of gray paint.

Ran in the house to grab a clip-on bird.

Kept moving him until he sat on the right branch.

A perfect shadow!

Lightly penciled around the shadow.

Painted with a darker gray.

Highlighted with a black Sharpie.

Mixed a black glaze.

REMEMBER: Only use a glaze AFTER coating your piece with several coats of varnish.

I used spray satin.

Dab the glaze on with a foam brush.

Wait a minute and begin carefully removing.

Do a section at a time trying to maintain the same look over all the surfaces.

The after - I think I might like it better as a wall hanging than a tray.

The glaze settled into the crevices.

After enjoying the gray shadows tray for a few days, I sent it over to the booth to find a new home.

Notice I refrained from any mention of Dark Shadows and Barnabas Collins.

See y'all!


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Amaze Me Monday #186


  1. You mean you free-handed that from a shadow?? Great job!

  2. And that's exactly how the creative mind thinks.
    What an amazing transformation. LeeAnna

  3. Wowza! I am in awe at your creativity and that you saw that shadow in time to recreate it. I had to brag on you to my husband who is sitting right here. I just love that tray!!

  4. Donna what a great piece. Love that you could free hand from the shadow. You captured nature. Love this.

  5. How perfect is that?! Love it, Donna!

  6. Love that. You always inspire me with your great projects.

    LOL on Dark Shadows. I wouldn't miss that show when I was a kid.

  7. As soon as I saw "Gray Shadows" I thought of Dark Shadows and wondered if you had meant to hint at the old soap opera. I've seen it recently on cable and it really looks cheesy compared to what we see now. Love your idea of the shadow painting. It turned out really well....great idea!

  8. Dark Shadows...Yep! Watched it when I was a kid. If it was a soap and I was that young, how much of it went over my tender little head?

    I like your idea of capturing a shadow. What a happy coincidence! I can see more of that happening, but on purpose.

  9. Wow Donna ... I am impressed. Love shadows and never thought about capturing them this way. I did a blog on shadows and that was fun. I am sure I will be looking for a shadow to capture.

  10. Well, that was just brilliant. It turned out beautifully. I bet it will be sold in a flash.

  11. I love this and a great wall hanging it would make. I bet it sells fast! You are multi-talented my friend.

  12. The tray turned out awesome..

    Please visit:

  13. Such a great idea! GLAD THE SHADOWS INSPIRED.

  14. Wonderful idea. I love how the tray turned out. I think that you are right. It would look great on a wall... And, loved Dark Shadows and Barnabas Collins and Angelique when I was a kid. Used to rush home from school to watch. :-)

  15. You are SOOOO it!
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!


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