Saturday, October 22, 2016

Pampering the Pooches

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Scout was one scruffy mess.

Willie was filthy dirty.

Off to Jennifer to be bathed and groomed. 

Willie looking spiffy with his red bandana.

The two of them together.

Being warned NOT to roll in the dirt.

Scout is quite spoiled and must eat his dinner on his blankie on the sofa.

Willie eats in the kitchen where he is forever hopeful we will drop a crumb or two.

He always checks to see if Scout has cleaned his bowl.


That's all the food I get?


Hey, Scout, you didn't leave me anything?

Scout fast asleep - worn out from his day of pampering.

The end of the pampering the pooches tale.

Or tail.

See y'all!


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  1. Aww, they're so adorable! I have an old Maltese named "Beezer" I groom & bathe myself. Wish I had another mutt tho.

  2. Scout eats on a blanket on the couch?! I thought Sophie was picky about where she eats! That's hilarious! So who rolled in the dirt first?
    Spoiled sweet pups, just as they should be... loved this.

  3. What a change with Scout! From scruffy to suave. It's like me...I take a little too long to get a desperately-needed haircut!

  4. LOL that Scout eats his dinner on the couch!!! Adorable. They look so handsome after their spa day.

  5. lol! Oh grroooming day is exhausting! Why it took Cole several days to recover from all the foot touching and hair brushing. LeeAnna

  6. Scout looks like a different dog. Willie does look spiffy too.
    Bet he was happy to get that bandana off.

  7. Isabelle always comes home from the groomer exhausted from her SPA day. Scout and Willie are adorable.

  8. They do look dashing with their bandanas. One of my cat, Milo, has noticed I was clumpsy and always stays near me when I cook, just in case...

  9. Our dearest sweet loving pups. They deserve to be pampered for all the unconditional love they give us. Your two kids certainly look spiffy..
    Ours will be 8 yrs. old on his Nov.7 b/d. He is quite spoiled with loves. When am hanging laundry out he rubs head on my leg, wants a hug/kiss from his forever Mom. He had been to 4 different shelters by time we got him at year old, he's black lab/border collie, so smart and affectionate. We take him to do it yourself bath place, he loves getting all clean and pretty. Has wardrobe of scarves he wears but only when it's cooler. Don't your dogs like wearing their scarves? They look very cute in them. Great post.

    Have lovely Fall week


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