Friday, October 21, 2016

Friday Finds

vintage finds, furniture, Mr. Peanut mugs, wooden tools
This time of year is filled with sales.

I know I said no more buying, but I needed furniture pieces.

AND I stuck to my list. 

Ice skates fly off my shelves.

And speaking of shelves - isn't this a cute one?

A rotary dial phone.

Old books.

I found several old elementary workbooks - Pat the Pilot my favorite.

This catalog of brass and copper items has great typography and diagrams.

Two more globes.

Not really old, but decorative.

A box lot of a needlepoint purse in great shape, silverplate creamer and sugar (did not match), Bessons chalkware head, and two aluminum pitchers.

The clarinet is wood and older than its case.

If you play the clarinet, you can tell I have no idea how to put one together.

Or play it.

White floral basket. 

Found a number of tags mostly from the seventies.

Tweed storage box for slides. 

Love the brass tag.

Another great tweed case.

This one with a violin.

A box of planes - all but one wooden.

Blue drop leaf kitchen table.

Sent to the booth as is.

Quite delightfully distressed.

Two Smith-Corona typewriters.

I'm sure they are treasures under all that dirt and mold.

White, pink, and lavender vanity.

Nice knobs.

Has the arms for a skirt.

Sent straight to Booth C-23.


A dealer at Riverfront Antique Mall had a bunch of smalls for great prices.

I found these three Mr. Peanut plastic mugs.

How cute!

No, these were NOT on the list.

But sometimes cuteness reels you in like a fish.

See y'all!


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  1. Great finds Donna. Love the Mr. Peanut cups!
    Happy Weekend.

  2. HOLY MOLY! I can't believe you "weren't going to go shopping" and you ended up with all of this awesome-ness!! I love it all! TWO typewriters! All those planes! Mr. Peanut glasses! Our garage sale season is pretty much over here. We had our first nearly freezing night last night. Was very chilly this morning walking in to work!

  3. I have the same sales experience with ice skates. Maybe its because we are in the South but I always buy them for my booth. Love the typewriters too. Quite the haul for a non buyer. LOL

  4. Some great things! Love the shelves and that cute dresser! I might have to shop your booth for Christmas since I want to get Tiger a globe (I think). LOL! Happy Friday!

  5. OMG, that little blue kitchen table is so adorable!!!


  6. Wow, you did great this week! I really miss going to the sales. I'm gonna get out to 1-2 if it kills me b/c this is a great time of year for them. I like that little vanity. Looks like it could also function as a desk...maybe? Love the white basket too. These used to hold vintage funeral flowers.

  7. How big around or tall is the smaller globe? I'm thinking about a grouping of 3 now. Where did you find all of these goodies? I wish I was riding with you! Katie and I will probably hit a few thrift stores today if I can get her moving... It's the first real day off she's had in awhile! Take care...f

  8. Love that blue drop down table, and the typewriters, but the planes are my favourite. Love, love, love. I have never seen a tweed box or case. I love the look. I've been looking for a rotary dial phone that works for ages. I really want one in my craft studio. Maybe someday.

  9. Lots of wonderful finds, Donna! I especially love that shelf and the great cases!

  10. Oh my Gosh Donna ... great finds. I buy wood planes for my son. He is a builder/cabinet maker. I love the silverplate cup/open sugar with the big handles. I had a rotary phone in my garage sale ... grandpa was showing his teen-age grand and she did not even know what it was. Poor child. Fun collections of treasures.

  11. I used to have a blue Mr. Peanut cup when a little girl in the early 60's. Had to save up wrappers for it and pay postage.

  12. Awesome finds! As's hard to pick a favorite. I like so many of the things you found this week. You have the best luck hunting! Have a great weekend...:)

  13. Dooggone, why can't I go with you to "not" buy, gee whiz, just not fair. So much goodies and treasures, would love both the globes and so much more, that little blue drop leaf table especially. The one time our Goodwill had small drop leaf I didn't have the money to buy.Sure can't count on something still being there when I go back either. Happens too often.
    Think had better get out there to get laundry down before day cools anymore. Love being able to hang laundry as long into Fall as I can. We live in western CO few miles west of Grand Junction. Have been having wonderful Fall weather for weeks now.

    Have great weekend

    Have awesome weekend

  14. Tables and suite cases call to me!

  15. As usual - great stuff. But I'm swooning over that violin and case.

  16. I've learned not to tell myself not to buy anymore. That's when all the good stuff appears! You really did find some good stuff and so unique. I have never seen Mr. Peanut mugs and your furniture pieces are fabulous!


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