Friday, October 14, 2016

Friday Finds

vintage finds, funnels, spools, tool boxes
A hunt through Horror Monster, my beloved craft stash, netted a truckload of treasures to take to the booth.

Most of my colander collection is now gone.

Downsized my funnel collection. 

No one really needs thirty funnels, do they?

A few had the star spout.

Let it go!

I found many small bottles and jars displayed throughout the house.

Selected a box of ones no longer desired.

Let it go!


Man-oh-man, did I ever have spools.

Found this basket of spools in my bins of fall decor.

No wonder I never used them.

Did not have a clue where they were.

Three bottles of ordinary tiny spools.

A basket of threaded spools.


Let it go!

All this was moved two months ago or maybe longer to the side yard from the front porch.

Waiting for me to make a decision about my tool and tackle box collection.

Decided to send away ten of them.

Let it go!

Springs - been around for years anticipating a fantastic craft project using them.

Know what they are?

I left a clue in the middle back.

Let it go!

Finally there was silverware and silverware and silverware and ... 

Bundled like with like and sent them off to the booth.

Let it go!

So Horror Monster has started slimming down.

I am beginning to like empty spaces.

I may have to go hunt down some furniture for the booth, but I have crossed most smalls off my list for now.

There are more treasures to be found right here in my house.

(Am I already missing my funnels?  YIKES!)

Did you guess right? The springs are from old hair curlers.

See y'all!


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  1. Let it go! Let it go! Let it go! Sounds like you're auditioning for Frozen.

  2. Ha! Thought those looked like hair curlers! You have some wonderful smalls!

  3. Shopping your house is the best! Love it! And I would make little pumpkins out of those springs!

  4. Donna ... can you come to my house and clean out my "horror monster" ???? Gail had a good idea to make little pumpkins with the springs.

  5. I can't wait to see what you do with those springs!
    Have a good weekend, Donna.

  6. yes let it go
    you are just like I use to be I had so much wonderful junk in my house we were choking I let it go

    of course now I'm buying better junk LOL

  7. Curlers!!! Wow, you really are slimming down Horror Monster's stash!

  8. Can I shop at your house? You know I like to ramble. Your barn would be perfect for me. I don't even mind spiders when I'm junking. But snakes, no!

  9. I think you need to have a big sale right in your yard! You got some cool smalls to sell.
    Have a great week end.

  10. Proud of you! Letting it go is hard but at least you can try to sell and then find other stuff!!! I'm so glad to back home!!

  11. WAIT ! Donna, you DO need those funnels !! They make the BEST Christmas trees when you stack them from largest on bottom to smallest on top. I have been searching out all sizes of funnels for years and still don't have enough. Make trees and they will come. :-) It would be a cute idea to display them like that in your booth. Give'em some ideas. Love everything you're taking to the booth! I'm sure your peeps will, too!

  12. So much great junk! I love the funnels and the curlers. I'd have some fun with those. For whatever reason I rarely see funnels here. Good for you for letting it all go.

  13. Oh the funnels!!!!! Love them - have never seen star tipped ones.

  14. I love the star-tipped funnels! And, I didn't figure out what those spring-things are. Of course, I've curled my hair maybe twice in my life {and it never worked out}. I love that colander {but, I don't need one}. Or, maybe I do... Love wooden spools {but have plenty of my own that I haven't done anything with}.

    You've been a cleaning-out fool! Going crazy, girl! Hope it feels good!

    Take care...Fonda

  15. OMG, we are starting to downsize and I can't believe the piles of stuff I'm finding around the house to list on ETSY. E gads!

  16. Miss Donna; It certainly does look like you have been having a good time with Horror Monster!!!
    Patty, Audrey and Gail have some Great ideas!!!
    And, Yes.......Those Springs would be Darling on small Pumpkins!!!
    I am drooling (per say as usual...LOL) over your Springs, Spools, Funnels, Glass Bottles and those Tackle boxes!!!
    I Love your Primitive looking Angel and Kitty....I Hope that you kept those for the up and coming Holidays!!!
    I Pray that you and Chucks are doing well. Have a Great Weekend!! Take Care :-)

  17. I am envious! I need to LET IT GO more! Funny, how after awhile things just aren't as desirable as they once were. I recently let go of my birdhouse collection, something I never thought I'd do. Is it age? Or like you said, wanting empty spaces!

  18. Let's not even talk about the junk taking up space in my house that I need to LET GO. It's tough!

  19. So many wonderful goodies, Donna. You are brave and strong to let all those beautiful "collections" go. Must feel great! Thanks for sharing all your posts with us at Vintage Charm :)


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