Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Chucks So Blue

painting furniture, dresser

Chucks is so blue and talented too!

He took a fancy to this 1960's era dresser to slip into a corner of the bedroom.

I sanded it down and removed the feminine pulls.

Found a blue Chucks liked. 

Rainstorm by Sherwin Williams.

I gave him plenty of choices - all of them dark blue.

Can't let him too far off the reservation.

I did not have to supervise.

Chucks  is quite good at painting furniture.

He just refuses to do it.

Chucks selected these manly brass pulls from Horror Monster for his dresser.

Sort of looks naval.

My pink mosaic pumpkin looks quite snazzy on the dresser.

Lucky for us, Chucks chose a small dresser.

We now have to drag it up our crazy stairs.

One day I will take a picture of them.

(Confession:  I am about to split my pants to paint a red stripe on that dresser!)

See y'all!


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  1. My husband is NOT ALLOWED to paint!! Too messy. LOVE the color and the midcentury modern style of the dresser. Saw those pumpkins yesterday and was tempted to get one. I didn't. Now I want one!

  2. Chucks did a fine job! That blue is gorgeous. Did the stripe get painted yet? ;)
    I'm in love with that pink punpkin. Have a good week!

  3. Chucks did great! My husband is most definitely not allowed to paint anything. ;)

  4. Yeah Chuck!! Great job. Love the color.

  5. Love the dresser too! Used to not like the Danish MCM look, but must say it's grown on me now. It's looking fine, even without the red stripe. Like that pumpkin too! It's pink?

  6. Good job Chucks ... love the color that you chose. Donna ... just live with it for awhile ... you can always paint a red stripe later. It looks great.
    Audrey Z.

  7. Chucks done good! Seriously, the dresser looks very nice. I love MCM, and before we left Ohio for North Carolina, we had two long and low dressers. I miss them! {Not that they would work in our new house unless we put one in the living room!}

  8. I love the chest and love the blue. Be careful when moving it. I have one like it and we dragged a leg right off in our move. Mr. H is not a handy man and he rigged it temporary. I'm hoping to sell it to someone who wants a project and get another.

  9. Love the lines of that dresser and the color also. Wish I could paint as well as Chuck's! Hugs!

  10. Love the lines of that dresser and the color also. Wish I could paint as well as Chuck's! Hugs!

  11. Very nice - love the color. I painted two things blue today. Must be something in the air!

  12. "Can't let him too far off the reservation"!!! Bwahahaha! You crack me up! Well the blue he chose is beautiful!


  13. Donna, it turned out great and he did a good job!

  14. New here and love when I see the same passion for transformations as I have.
    It's greate to see a piece take shape and fit so perfectly where it fits in.

    See you soon and all your creative finds.


  15. Good job, Chucks! And what did you do with the red stripe?


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