Sunday, October 9, 2016


quick makeovers, fall decor, Halloween itemsI gathered my ancestors together the other night and decided enough of summer, let's do a fall mantel.

Yes, I am late, but it will stay up until the week of Thanksgiving.

Cling-ons for the mirrors.

(No, Eddie, not Klingons!)

A white cast iron cat.

A few fall leaves - faux, of course.

A few primitive pumpkins by The Rusty Thimble.

A few pleasingly plump pumpkins by yours truly.

A wooden tool caddy turned on its side.

An old saw box on one end for my three gourd pumpkins.

One bottom space for my jar of snake skins and wasp nests.

A tiny book page wreath.

The television is in a cabinet just to the right so we can gaze at the fall vignette as we watch.

Chucks thinks the mirrors are a bit much.

That may be because I stuck one on the shaving mirror in his shower one morning.

Wish I had recorded the screams!

PS:  As I write this post on Saturday afternoon, Matthew is departing with his rain and gusty winds. We did not have any major damage.

Thank you for your emails and prayers.

 See y'all!


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  1. Jar of snake skins & wasp nests??? Guess that's supposed to make you go "ugh," and I did! I love your impromptu display though.
    Glad you had no major encounters with Matthew.

  2. Love it Donna! Glad you are safe :o)


  3. Well Donna, looks like you are ready for Halloween. Very interesting and entertaining Fall mantel. I love the cast iron white cat and the variety of the pumpkins displayed in the wooden crates, but not too sure about the snake skins. Happy Fall, my friend ... glad Matthew left without major damage.
    Audrey Z.

  4. Donna you do scary well! Klingons's....lolololol.

  5. Donna you do scary well! Klingons's....lolololol.

  6. It's better looking than some very nice stores I've been in to look at displays. Thanks

  7. LOVE the primitive pumpkins and the jar of snake skins and wasp nests.....I won't ask where you got those or if they are real! Love the spooky cling ons too!

  8. I've had a mirror cling that I saved to put on my hubby's mirror, too! Thanks for reminding me. Need to put it on his side of the bathroom mirror after he goes to bed and try to arrange it about eye-high. Hope he has a strong heart! Many prayers were answered that Matthew was not as bad as it could have been. SO thankful for you and others! I learned yesterday that my sister-in-law's mother was in Hilton Head and evacuated. She doesn't know yet what is waiting when she returns home.

  9. Your fall mantle looks lovely. My mantle has not changed in probably 5 or 6 years now. I did, however, dust it yesterday.

  10. Love the snake skins and wasps nest! I haven't found a snake skin, but I have collected plenty of wasps nest!

    Matthew wasn't too bad. It knocked our power out from 8 pm to about noon the next day. Thank goodness everything in the freezer stayed cold. I had just purchased 10 pounds of ground beef and made meatloaf, browned for spaghetti sauce and hamburgers. Luckily, I stuck those in the freezer early enough for everything to freeze!!! The next day, the sky was so blue and not a cloud in the sky. The temperature had dropped to the low 70s. It was as if it say "Never mind", in the voice of a Gilda Radnor character. We took a drive around our little town. There were some trees down and high water (still within the banks), but the roads were passable. Soon, we will put everything in the yard that belongs there.

  11. There's only one thing to say:


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