Thursday, October 13, 2016

Citron Vanity

vanity makover, painted furniture, citron green
I named this vanity Citron because of the color and because I could swear there was  1960's song of that name by Donovan.

My neighbor agreed.

Evidently we are both either crazy or sixties senility has set in.

Missing her mirror made her a bargain.

I tossed the supports in the trash.

Later wishing I hadn't.

I had two vanity mirrors under the living room sofa.

Don't judge - it's where I keep mirrors safe from our horde of animals.

Had to do a little repair work to the drawers before sanding and cleaning.

Love her shape and style.

Citron was planned to be a gaudy gal with bright colors.

So her drawers were painted with an oops paint in happy blue.

(Not it's real name.)

I always start with a piece upside down.

Citron throwing her legs in the air like she just ...

At this point I planned to leave her distressed with just one light coat of paint.

Gaudy Gal was gone.

Then I found something.

Everything got a full second coat of citron paint.

Yes, Citron deserves something special.

Like these sweet distressed pink cast iron knobs. 



Actually more expensive than the vanity.

BUT wait a week and Hobby Lobby puts them on sale for half price.

Don't know why, but the knobs look like angel heads with angel wings to me.

How lovely is Miss Citron!?!

Yes, that's my pink mosaic pumpkin.

Best $8 I've spent in a long time.

Miss Citron can be found in Booth W-10, Riverfront Antique Mall.

PS: About that song - any ideas?

See y'all!


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  1. I get your posts by email and seldom comment, but this is too good to pass up! So pretty, what a finish! Love the blue insides, and the pink drawer pulls. LeeAnna at not afraid of color

  2. Wow I love that Donna! Love the distressed pink pulls too. Nice lines & bones of the dresser. It doesn't even need a mirror. You can call it a ladies' desk.

  3. I think "citron" is a reference he makes in the song "Mellow Yellow".
    Love the dresser!

  4. Love Is Citron and her pink angel knobs!

  5. Love Is Citron and her pink angel knobs!

  6. Love the color!! I googled it and asked the song expert (my husband). No song called Citron :-(


    this is a list of songs by Donovan. Perhaps one of them will ring your bell. Love the color though!

  8. Cheery citron, love the drawer pulls.

  9. OK, i looked up the lyrics of Mellow Yellow by Donovan. He refers to saffron in the song, but not citron. Maybe that's what you're thinking of. Otherwise----no clue!!

  10. No clue about the song, but she is so pretty with her pink knobs. I have mirrors stashed everywhere and I can never find the one I'm looking for. There is only dog hair under my sofa, though. ;)

  11. Love Citron with her little pink handles and blue drawers. I bet she flies out the door.

  12. I love the colour and the pink knobs finish her off beautifully. Pink and green are a fave combo of mine. The happy blue drawers are a fun surprise.

  13. Great job Donna ... Those cute handles really dress her up.
    She should sell fast.

  14. Gorgeous re-do Donna. LOVE that color!

  15. I don't know about the song, but Citron Vanity is a perfect drag name!

  16. Miss Citron Vanity is gorgeous. Green and pink is a favorite color combination of mine. Those knobs were a gorgeous finishing touch! We find odd places to store stuff, too. When we don't have company staying, we remove the bathroom door. We stash it behind the trundle bed (after removing the knob). We have company right now (Katie's dad and sister), so we are using the daybed/trundle and the door went back up! Fonda


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