Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Serene Blue Tool Chest

vintage tool chest, Americana Decor Chalky Finish Paint, Serene blue, makeover
It was an odd tool chest, but had possibilities.

I chose Americana Decor Chalky finish paint in Serene.  

(Not paid or given free samples!)

I forgot the before pic, but you can see it HERE.

That seventies orange finish - sanded it - just took a few minutes.

Took the hardware off first.

I punched the screws into waxed paper.

Put all hardware on a screen...

... and used Rust-Oleum in Hammered Rosemary.

(Not paid or given free samples.)

It is so #$%^&* hot here, projects have to come inside for the paint to cure.

Sanded with a fine sanding sponge and a rough paper towel.

Two coats of Americana Decor Ultra Matte Varnish.

The Serene blue tool chest is so pretty, I decided it was more suited for ruffled froths of lace.

The tool chest is designed to be opened this way.

However I liked it opened from the top.

It seems more practical.

It is quite lovely sitting in the sun.

It kept its cool as I perspired way past a glowing sheen while taking pics.

Of course it is distressed.

Ready to be loaded and taken to my booth.

The serene tool chest is available at Riverfront Antique Mall.

See y'all!

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  1. Donna, I am always attracted to boxes, chests, but your choice of color (love the hardware now too) make it. I would put that baby into my "cottage" stash. Yes, I am savings things in the soft blues, greens, yellows for my 'someday' cottage. It may end up being in my basement, but that's ok. It's been super hot here too, with humidity as high as the temps.

  2. I love it and the color is beautiful! This gives me an idea for a wooden bread box I have had for years. It may just find itself in a new color soon. Right now it's in my pantry, but I will probably move it to the craft room after the pantry redo. Thanks for the inspiration. Try to keep cool...I know it has been miserably hot! I don't know how the hubby works out in it all day. :(

  3. Love the tool box redo color and the paint for the hardware......will have to look for that!
    Hot and humid here, too............I have been having to pace myself working in the yard!
    Have a great day!

  4. Donna, the tool chest is adorable! And I'm so impressed that it was not sweating by the time you finished it! That baby is one cool "tool" chest! :-) Love the color and design. Please stay cool! It has become hot as Jamaica here as well!

  5. I know what you mean. The heat here is just awful!

  6. i could not stay in the @#$%^&* heat to make something this cool no pun intended xx

    1. Dear Monkey, I started at 6am when it was only 88F. I am painting in cool colors this week.

  7. That is a lovely blue and it looks great on the tool chest. I love how the hardware turned out. I would seriously wilt in all that heat.

  8. It is unusual and I love it! You may be hot, hot, hot, but it looks super cool!! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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