Monday, June 1, 2015

What Horror Monster Coughed Up

craft stash, vintagte furniture piecesThere is a tiny coat closet in the entry of our home.

We had new duct work installed in 2005, and a third of it was used for a huge duct to the upstairs.

We keep our winter coats in there so it is rarely opened.

Chucks has graciously taken on the chore of keeping the entry free of the dust and fur that collects by the minute with two dogs and two cats.

I was hanging up winter jackets when I noticed cleaning the entry did not seem to mean cleaning the floor of the closet.


When I began to pull out boxes of old junk from this tiny piece of Horror Monster's real estate, there were dust bunnies the size of raccoons. 

You would not believe what Horror Monster coughed up.

Remember all this junk, er, treasure was in the bottom of a three by four foot closet.

Mirror frames and mirror harps - several.

A sewing machine treadle.

Two boxes of chippy paint spindles and drawer fronts.

Our tennis rackets from college and a seat cushion from who knows when.

Yes, Chucks and I are that old!  We used wooden rackets.

A very long piece of deliciously green ceiling tin.

Why haven't I been using this!?!

All sorts of miscellaneous furniture wood.

A pair of cabinet doors complete with hinges and lock.

You will see these again - very different now!

Another cabinet door - mirrored with part of the molding attached.

Unfortunately one corner is chipped.

I think I have seen that piece of mirror somewhere.

Maybe Horror Monster will whisper in my ear and tell me where it is hidden.

A fancy mirror harp in several pieces.

I am planning several projects using them separately.

It was quite the day of discovery. 

I now have to clean out the top of the closet - filled with Snowbabies I no longer use at Christmas.

I am planning on painting the closet and its floor to practice for more visible areas of the house.

See y'all! 

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  1. Funny how it's easy to ignore a closet until it overwhelms you. You have so much good junk in there, you won't need to go garage sale-ing for weeks.

  2. Score in your own Horror Monster closet. That's only a day or two of good junking for Donna. Lol Ummm, I'll take that green ceiling tin in a heartbeat !! Have a good one:)) TT

  3. This happens to me every time I open one of my 4 closets upstairs. They are definitely a catchall for things I don't have time for right now. It's kind of like finding the good junk all over again, isn't it?

    Have a great week!


  4. It's crazy all the junk we forgot we bought! I've been experiencing that this week while getting ready for the big market this weekend!

  5. Well Horror Monstor did cough up some really good junk! Can't wait to see what you do with it now that it's been found again!


  6. Home Shopping! The really thrifty kind! Costs nothing but some time and sneezes from the dust. Fun finds, Donna. Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  7. Awesome hour of shopping (cleaning) in your "Monster Closet". Great finds uncovered.
    Love the green ceiling tin and chippy spindles. I have been cleaning out cabinets and closets too. If I had found those kind of treasures, I would have been one happy cleaning lady.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  8. Wow! That's some great junk that Horror Monster coughed up. Love that green ceiling tin. It really does look delicious.

  9. Forget Cousin have so many wonderful items to work with from that closet! How awesome!! Aren't you just thrilled??!! I would be so excited to find those treasures long forgotten!! I never find good stuff like that in our closets!

  10. I love when I find things in my own home I forgot I had that I still love! Looking forward to seeing what you do with it all.

  11. Oh how I miss my junk! I don't have room for it in this little apartment. Maybe I can soon find a spot to have a booth in Nashville and enjoy junking again. Maybe. Not ready quite yet. Will try to be dropping by more often now that we are settled.

  12. Miss Donna;
    I must agree with Miss Audrey, and some of the other Ladies.....
    Because if I were cleaning out that Closet I would have been over the Moon Happy!!!
    I am waiting to see how you transform these pieces, especially the Cabinet Doors.
    My Favorite piece however, is the Green Ceiling Tin. Can't you keep that and hang it in your Kitchen?!! (I could find a spot in mine for it!!!!)
    There are just so many things that you could do with it..... It is too beautiful to sell!!!! :-)


  14. I love wooden tennis rackets. I love tennis.

  15. When you said "Snowbabies", I thought it was the equivalent of "dust bunnies", except they were in a different place! Good gravy...It's time for me to go to bed! It was worth my chuckle, though. I used a wood racket, too. I believe it belonged to my parents. They were complete with the wood clampy thingies. I always wondered why the wood clampy thingies wouldn't warp, taking the tennis racket with it. What made it so special? BTW The horror monster in our house is also continuing to cough up fur balls. We have 5 cats, and 3 more come in to visit from time to time. It's lots of fur for one house to handle! Take care!

  16. So when you had the huge duct added for upstairs did your AC work better up there? That ceiling tile is fantastic. If you're not going to use it I will!

  17. Wow I can't believe you had all that in there and didn't remember, maybe the coats kept all the good stuff covered! I so want that ceiling tile!!!!! Hows the AC going? Gonna need it soon!

  18. I think at one time or another we have all battled such monsters but my oh my what treasures! :)
    Happy June and have a lovely weekend!

  19. Welcome to my nightmare!!! Cat hair is taking over our house and the Horror Monster has visited here as well! I have to say that if I had all those treasures in my closet that I would be in there pulling all that good stuff out. You do have your work cut out for you !


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