Monday, June 29, 2015

Bye, Bye, Blackbird

Chalky Finish Spray Paint by Krylon, distress painting
For several years I used this flock of blackbirds around the house.

I decided it was past time to bid farewell.

So it was bye, bye, blackbird.

And hello to a new bird dressed in rust.

Some folks have been praising Krylon Chalky Finish Spray Paint.

I bought some Putty.

I was pleased with the coverage and the smooth finish.

(Notice dawn was breaking - I had to start very early before the heat set in.)

No money exchanged hands for this product. If I did not like it, I would say so.

Using a sanding sponge, I took off a bit to distress them.

A handsome Putty bird.

Wait, that was a putty cat, wasn't it?

Or puddy cat?

Well, back to the birds.

Strands of rusty wire with jingle bells attached.

Belling the birds.

Wait, that was a cat, too!

Added rusty keys.

The flock in a display on the coffin cart in my booth.

Flock on over.

Get a bird's eye view.

Read about the coffin cart here. 

See y'all!

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  1. It was "puddy tat." But is was referring to a cat. Cute birds. Seems appropriate that they would hang out on a funeral cart.

  2. I'm with Eddys sentiment that 'ghost crows' are the.perfect. addition to a mortuary vignette:-) !! Well done!

  3. Oh how cute! I love the new (old) look, well done!

  4. I love the "Putty" bird's !! Thank's about the the tip of using the Krylon Chalky Finish Spray Paint , I get tired of mixing up my own all the time. If you liked it, I'm sure I will :) I'd flock on over and buy one if I didn't have to fly to get there !!! I'd buy those pheasant feather's also !!! The cart could stay. (creepy) Have a cool one, TT

  5. I have been wanting to try that spray chalk paint. I am convinced now...your birds are divine!

  6. Good Morning Donna. I love your putty birds. They looks pretty sweet. Happy new week.

  7. Love how the birds look now! You are so good at making old things new again!

  8. I really like how those turned out! I've been wondering about that paint...thanks for letting us know it is good to use! Love the display also!

  9. Your birds turned out fantastic. I'd love to try that spray paint but can't find it here anywhere. Our retailers are always way behind here.

  10. Looks like the bird is the word at Donna's place! Love how you transformed them and made them look sweet. Adding the bells and keys is a great idea too. Bet they don't last long. I think I'm going to click on the coffin cart info.

  11. Love the makeover on the birds...they turned out great!!

  12. Loving the look of the putty birds and the rusty "neck-ties" ... adding the key was the perfect finish. They almost look like concrete before you distressed them, but I like the distressing. Good job as usual.

  13. Aren't you funny with all the bird saying!!!! Love the look of the new putty birds even better than when they were putty black birds. Also like the rusty neck ties, how clever, but then you always are! So glad I live far cause I'd be broke!

  14. I just discovered this spray paint also. Used it on a small project and I really liked it. I think it will come in REALLY handy for small projects. Just wish I could find more colors in my area. Hobby Lobby only had a few and they are the only place close that carries it. The birds look great!

  15. Donna, LOVE the transformation of your birds! And the addition of rusty wire, bells, fun! :)

  16. That spray on chalk paint looks really great. I'm going to have to "save up" and buy some. My preferred method of buying paint is at a garage or estate sale. I think the chalk paint is probably too new to find at one ;)

  17. Cute, cute! Love the paint. I have only one of those black birds. I use him for Fall and Halloween, so he will not become a putty bird. Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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