Sunday, June 28, 2015

My Booth

Booth W-10, Riverfront Antique Mall
Last Sunday I hauled a load over to Riverfront Antique Mall to stuff as much as possible into my booth.

I rearranged by color to have an Americana theme area.

Sorry about the pics - I dropped my camera and it refused to take more than five photos before telling me its memory was full.

So all these were taken between customers with my phone.

I must have been quite sleepy when I doctored these photos.

In May, large items were selling so I packed in more large items.

Guess what?

Smalls are selling like hot cakes for June!

I call this area outside my booth (two feet into the aisle) my front porch.

Mantiques reside here for now.

Turquoise and toolboxes.

More luggage.

This area had been neat, but as I was taking photos, someone put all the baskets in the floor.

When there is no more space on the floor, 
I go 

I use crib springs to display items like these numbers.

I do sell the springs.

I try to have everything in my booth with a price.

NFS's do not pay the rent.

A whole corner of the back room is devoted to books.

I do not sell my crates.

I know, that breaks my NFS rule.

Also in the back room are items from different holidays.

Yes, I sell Christmas, Halloween, Easter, and Valentine's all year long.

That was how the booth looked last Sunday.

Changes have been made.

Items have sold.

On Tuesday I will spend the day loading in new items.

It's the circle of junk.

BTW - I was sitting staring at my camera (I have had it for years) and cursing its stubbornness about working, when I remembered dropping it on the carpet.  Could that light fall have affected it?  Well, I took the memory card and the battery out, put them back in, and ...


That stupid, er, great camera works again!

Hi, Ho, Silver, and away!

See y'all!

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  1. Boy oh boy, do you know how to utilize your space !!! If I lived closer , I'd be helping to pay your rent, I'd be a weekly shopper :)) loved the post about you at Sissie's blog . Hope you received some of our rain AND slug's.Have a great Sunday,TT

  2. I agree with Tammy... you really know how to use a small space! I really love it when things sell in my booth of course but it's sort of a bummer when you've got a really great display and someone ruins it by buying something out of it! lol!

    My dining table and chairs sold Friday so I went in and rearranged and took my barstools back in. I'm working on a killer new piece for when the barstools sell!


  3. I bet I could spend hours in your booth and not see it all! You really need your own shop!


  4. You pack so much into your booth...girl I would love to shop there!

  5. Oh, how I wish I lived closer so I could come shop! Everything looks great and you have so much stuff! It looks like a full time job just keeping it fairly neat and tidy and rearranging displays. Fun! Have a lovely Sunday and week...:)

  6. Looks great! I love my little 8 x 10 cabin, but it does get hard to haul some of the stuff in and out twice a week. You can't walk around and look if I don't put some stuff outside and on the porch. You have such a neat space and so many wonderful things!!

  7. You are packing the great stuff in! Wish I could get a closer look, up front and personal! When I drop my camera and it fails to work, I drop it again to see if that works! I think it did, once!

  8. Donna, I love, love, love your booth. You have something for everyone and I'd love to jump right in there and plunder! Bet I'd come out with some great stuff. You've also shared some great tips on how to arrange a booth.
    One thing about the booth business is just when you think you've got it figured out, everything changes. Big stuff one month, smalls the next. Yep such is the "Circle of Junk!"
    Thanks for sharing, I love seeing your booth.


  9. I am envious of your ability to construct displays. Right now, no one can get into my space. All I know how to do is cram, cram, cram. If we go onto our front porches, we get admoiished in the name of the fire Marshall. I still do it from time to time.

  10. I'm amazed at how much stuff you can display in small spaces. It must be a constant challenge. One of these days I just might show up at your booth looking for some treasures, and I'm sure I wouldn't be disappointed. I love it when you share pics of your booth. It gives me hope that one day my craft room and storage greenhouse might just get organized as well as your booth is.

  11. Your space is so awesome, saw so many treasures would so love to have. My sewing room, hallway and sheds are full of my things I go to when urge to change things over comes me. Sounds like your booth is a busy place and takes much of your time. Great displays by way. Good luck to you. Maybe take few things home then bring back in in couple weeks or month? Maybe too much for people to see at once. But what do I know?

    Maybe that's what I need to do, put stuff in a booth somewhere. The only place that rented out space to show our goodies has just closed, read in Sunday paper. Wish could afford a place I'd open up a building to rent out spaces our where we live. Have to say when I went to look into putting my creations into above mentioned place didn't like atmosphere at all, ladies running it were short and impolite. Guess my feelings were on mark. The shop was in very inconvenient place to get to also. I'd gone in few times and just never liked what saw and felt, thought it was me as I tend to be loner in certain situations.Have learned to listen to feelings tho. Have great week

  12. All I can say is.......WOW! know how to pack a booth! You have quite the collection of awesome goodness in there. Love it all!

  13. Your booth looks great! One of these days I am going to make it over there.

  14. Your booth is looking great! I stuffed in several more items to mine yesterday. Didn't get a chance to rearrange, as I was already running late to an auction that started at 1pm!

  15. I love your booth Donna! I've already told the hubster that once we recover from all of the traveling we have been doing, we will be heading your way!

  16. This was a fun post ...happy sales this weekend :)

  17. Donna, talk about vintage goodness! Love that stack of suitcases!! You have got so many fabulous displays. Glad Hi Ho Silver is working again!! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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