Saturday, June 20, 2015

Mr. Scrumble's Turquoise Day

distressed painting, gate, vintage ladder
Meet Mr. Scrumble.

He is my favorite go-to brush for quick paint job on rough surfaces.

Recently Mr. Scrumble and I had a turquoise-y day.

I bought this "gate" on the Peach Tree 23.

At least the seller told me it was her "gate".

No hinges and no latch.

But in good shape.

Placed it backside up on a painting frame.

Flipped it over to paint the front.

Mr. Scrumble is an expert in getting paint into the cracks.

Since the surface was rough, I sanded it smooth.

Distressing it a bit more in the process.

Mr. Scrumble rested in the shade while I worked.

Very pleased with the result - I can see this "gate" inside or outside.

Another ladder - it wanted to be turquoise, too.

Mr. Scrumble and I agreed.

We were not picky about full coverage of paint.

Just slapped it on there.

Turned out to be a turquoise beauty.

Both the gate and the ladder are available in Booth W-10, Riverfront Antique Mall.

Mr. Scrumble had a luxurious bath in shampoo and conditioner.

He will be ready to tackle another paint job soon.

See y'all!

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  1. You crack me up funny lady! I guess when you spend as much time with a paint brush as you do, you gotta make it fun! Mr. Scrumbles may need his own children's book series. Imagine the tales he could tell...:)

  2. I agree with Vicky! Too funny! A book about Distressed Donna and the Adventures of Mr. Scrumbles would be great! Turquoise looks great on an old gate and ladder!

  3. Mr. Scumble sounds awesome! Love how both the gate and ladder turned out!


  4. Turquoise and aqua are my favorite colors to use when doing projects so the ladder and gate look perfect to me. Oh, and I will need to find myself a Mr. Scrumble. He looks to be a very hard worker.


  5. I need a Mr. Scrumble too. Love the turquoise, especially on that ladder. Gorgeous!

  6. Hi Donna, You are the only person I know who has a name for her paintbrush, but it seems only fitting. I think we all have our favorites and mine have seen better days but keep on chuckin along! Love that color and that Gate!!! It won't last long.

    Wish I had a good place to paint. My family gets on me about the garage...and it's too hot outside! Looks like I'll have to sneak some stuff to the back bedroom!

    Hope you are staying cool.


  7. Girl..I love the gate...Love your post! And so glad to see that you have not melted in this SC heat....take care...Sheryl

  8. Love Mr. Scrumbles....he has done a great job on everything he touched!!

  9. I am loving the adventures of Mr. Scrumbles. I hope he will make another appearance.

  10. I think I'm in love with Mr Scrumbles.

  11. Love Mr Scrumbles and that turquoise color.
    You have such a way with words my friend!

  12. I am inspired to rummage about for an old gate out here in Bend Oregon!

  13. I like Mr. Scrumbled! The ladder is really a stand out now ! Great job.

  14. Hahah! You and Mr. Scrumble do great work. Love the color.

  15. So nice of you to take such good care of Mr. Scrumble after such a hard day of work!

  16. Love them both Donna and love Mr. Scrumble! I think they will fly out of your booth! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  17. Mr. Scrumble has excellent decorating taste!!


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