Saturday, June 13, 2015

Peach Tree 23 - Saturday.

vintage findfs, Peach Tree 23 Yard Sale Event
The second day of the Peach Tree 23 Yard Sale Event found me on the road in Chucks' pick up at 5:15am.

Yesterday's theme was rusty and crusty. (read here)

This day was to have a patriotic theme.

No order to the multitude of photos.

A large twig wall basket, a twig folk art table, and a sturdy white bench.

Sold as a set but the largest suitcase, though matching in color, does not match in style.

Two red suitcases in great shape.

I bought many smalls, but will only bore you with a few.

Two ironstone vases, a turquoise cutlery drawer, a signed double butt basket, a spring votive holder, and the cardboard peach basket with great graphics.

The craziest  fact about the peach basket is the Ridge is the second largest peach-producing area outside of California.


Yet the only peach-related item I could find was from MISSOURI!

All day the semis roared by loaded with peaches.

Hard to photograph this eight-foot wrought iron porch span from a small cottage.

I love the curve of the arch.

An Italian tole tray holds a tole bookend, Cardui tonic bottles, a Madonna head vase, and a tole tissue box.

An iron window grille and several barrel hoops.

A primitive white cabinet who has lost its door..

BUT ...

... has gained an enamelware top that fits perfectly though slightly askew.

The wooden box is a check sorter from a bank.

I love the two dog shelves.

A racket press and a black mesh candle stand.

The large bottle lamp I am in the process of dismantling to use the giant bottle.

One couple had bins of pre-1965 magazines.

i did not have time to sort through them all but picked a few for the cover art and the advertisements inside.

I had to buy the Journal with the war bride on the cover.

The incomplete set of blue and white dishes and the white china bowl with pink roses were bargains.

Blue Ridge - a favorite of mine.

This screams patriotic to me.  The quilt is not in the greatest shape but just the thing for a Fourth of July picnic.

A large Polaron aluminum jug, two Thermos, a carton of 2-liter Pepsi bottles. and a book about What Timothy Knows.

I needed to replenish my prints and paintings at the booth.

A pair of French fashion prints.

A green original oil - very green!

A print of a drum and fife corps.

A couple of those sweet children prints and a framed poem about a friend.

Yesterday I told you I came right home and got busy cleaning and painting.


I will admit I dragged most of Saturday's stuff into the house and went swimming for two hours.

I was exhausted.

So exhausted, I did not even dry off before collapsing in bed for a four-hour nap.

I now have most of the items available in my booth.

I have been neglecting my Etsy shop and hope to spend some time in the coming weeks to remedy that situation.

See y'all!

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  1. Loved everything but the wrought iron porch span would look great on the wall above my bed !!!! Glad to hear your Etsy shop might have some new item's, I'm having withdrawal !! Have a fabulous weekend,TT

  2. You are, most certainly, one very industrious woman, Donna. I'm having a hard time deciding what I like best of your loot, but I bet your booth is the one everybody wants to go to, just to see what new treasures you've scooped up. You're the type dealer we ALL love to shop.

  3. You are just having so much fun! That is the best kind of exhaustion! Loving your treasures.

  4. Such a haul of fantastic items. What do you use the suitcases for or do you sell them?

  5. Wow! I would have picked up everything you did too! Those barrel hoops are really cool bent into a heart shape, they had them all over The Farm Chicks show! I have a fruit and vegetable box very similar to your peach box. Mine is from Triway Produce Co. in Portland, Oregon.


  6. This sale sounds like so much fun!! You really found some awesome things. I love the quilt and the items pictured with it.


  7. i am so jealous, i can't stand my own what a 2 day haul and i can just imagine all of the stuff you passed on i would have been in heaven xx

  8. Donna, you found great stuff both days of the Peach Tree 23. I'm looking forward to seeing some of these things in your ETSY shop. sb

  9. So many great finds! I love the wrought iron porch thingy and those green bottles and the pretty flower plates and the barrel hoops and... I could go on.

  10. Wow! You did good girl! The best finds I've seen in a long time.

  11. As all your finds! Don't know how you do it.......finding all that stuff, getting it cleaned up and delivered to your booth! Wish I had that energy!!

  12. Wow Donna! You are an amazing Picker!!! Love all your loot. The wrought iron porch architecture would make me stop in my tracks!!!


  13. Love the iron piece from the cottage porch! So cool! You found a LOT of stuff and all good stuff at that! Your swin and nap were well deserved! :)

  14. Love that cardboard peach basket with the graphics, I would put yarn in it.

  15. What wonderful finds Donna. That twig basket is something else and I love the jug and thermoses. I wonder What Timothy Knows? :-) Please let me know if you decide to sell these in your Etsy shop!

  16. Wow, what a load of vintage goodies! I love that huge iron piece, I wonder where I could put it? Thanks for sharing your haul at Vintage Inspiration Party.

  17. Wow, Wow! You find the best stuff. Love the wrought iron piece and that patriotic scene is fabulous!! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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