Friday, June 12, 2015

Peach Tree 23 - Friday

vintage finds
Last Friday was the first day of the Peach Tree 23.  I was late getting started and arrived in Ridge Spring at 11am.  From there I headed toward Johnston.

Arrived back home at 2pm with the old coffin carrier filled.

I was so proud of myself - immediately unloading, cleaning a few things, painting a few things, and loading it back in the truck.

A pair of Atomic Age swivel stools in good shape - just cleaning.

A rusted, but sturdy, industrial cart.

I will be sanding and waxing this one.

I cannot pass up good luggage pieces.

A very tall ladder in great condition from the Anthropology Department of Hamilton College.

(It was written on both sides in black ink - they meant business about removing this ladder!)

About three feet in diameter - wrought iron - leaf pattern - distressed gold finish - mirror frame!!!

Already in my booth.

Two old bistro chairs and a wrought iron plant stand.

The rusty rake head and this metal wash stand I dug from under a porch.

I am hoping once I remove several of the layers of paint on the wash stand, it will once again fold.

However I have become slightly enamored of the yellow paint.

A precious pink baby shoe.

A rusted biscuit tin.

Old chick which matches the hen and chick sitting on my mantel.

I have not named her yet.  Henrietta and Ruby have to throw their two cents in.

A Skotch Party Bucket and picnic jug.

Doe heads from the deer processing plant edge a garden.

Supposedly to repel deer in your garden.


So you can see the theme for this shopping day was RUST.

I had a different strategy for Saturday which I will post tomorrow.

See y'all!

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  1. I really like those swivel space-age stools! You've got more wherewithal than me - I don't have the patience to do all that clean up. Some yes, but that big a dose, no. Obviously it pays off for you, though. Good stuff, Donna.

  2. I loved the diamond in the rust type piece's. I could REALLY use those two bistro chair's and plant stand !! Back to painting myself, ever since that turquoise birdhouse...I've decided to use it as my accent color. I have a folding round table, a vintage birdhouse and a metal pot that sit's in a wire basket. Turquoise today !!! Have a lovely weekend :)) TT

  3. There are so many wonderful things, I don't know what to buy first! Dang, woman....I am going to have to drive up there and go shopping in your booth about once a month!

  4. Great haul Donna ... not too sure about the doe heads repelling deer in the garden. I would like to keep the live deer out, but the doe heads look creepy. Never heard this before. Funny too, that I have that same yellow wash stand and biscuit tin. Anxious to see how your wash stand looks after cleaning. I think mine is yellow enamel under the yellow paint.
    Audrey Z.

  5. Wowza what a good treasures you found Donna! Love the cart and the mirror frame! What a good junking day for sure!

  6. It is a dream of mine to unload all my junk and clean and put it away immediately. Seriously. A dream :-)


  7. What a great haul! I love the yellow on that wash stand too and those barstools are awesome!


  8. I think I've seen you buy it all now!! Loving it all - but iffy on the skulls ;)

  9. Can't have enough of wrought iron. Looks like you continue to fill your booth. The skulls will sell! They will go fast for the person with a country cabin or man's cave. There are flea markets everywhere around here but nothing as cheap as GA. Having a booth here is sure an idea, but where would I store anything and no where to paint. I must get a house soon! Apt living is not for me!

  10. Wow Donna.........what a haul! You find the greatest junk.......I envy you!
    Love that metal wash stand.......the yellow is nice.......and all the other stuff.
    Have fun!

  11. I am so envious of the fact that you can pick the larger, fabulous, rusty pieces. I have to walk on by those because there is no way I am shipping them! Great picks!

  12. Great finds, and some really lovely rusty pieces. So glad I don't live near your booth cause I'd have to buy a lot!

  13. Those doe skulls are freakin me out a little. Love the ladder, and the metal wash stand. And that wrought iron mirror frame is fabulous. It must weigh a ton.

  14. Lots of great stuff! I would have hauled it all home except for the doe skulls. Can't go there. lol! The stools are fabulous and I love the rusty cart! I have a collection of plaid thermos and tins. A couple are Skotch and I love them!! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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