Friday, June 26, 2015

Friday Finds

estate sale, vintage finds
Azalee giving me the evil eye and asking, "Why, why, why?"

I schedule posts to publish at 4am and email alerts go out at 7am.

Last week on my Friday Finds post I claimed I would not be shopping because of all the treasures piling up around here.

At 10am I was driving to the bank. There was a detour for a tree service which sent me driving past a small house with a group of vintage lamps in the front yard and a sign saying "Estate Sale".

Well, I had to stop even though there was an unfinished dresser in the back waiting for a makeover.

Even though I had little money.

Turns out the couple was conducting their own sale with bargain basement prices to get rid of everything because the house had sold sooner than expected.

A short ladder and a tall easel.

Don't get too excited the "trophies" are Hobby Lobby.

A woven 60's Bates spread, two lace tablecloths, and ...

She said tea cart, and I thought tea cart.

In good condition.

After reading the stamp on its bottom, it is definitely NOT a tea cart.

Some kind of rolling cart used in a mortuary made by the Tennessee Coffin and Casket Co., Chattanooga, Tenn.

For those who like oddities, it is now in my booth.

It's that thing looking like a demure tea cart.

There were many of these framed prints and advertise- ments.

I selected two babies.

Two Mother poems.

One Mother Love and one We Two.

Some forgotten son signed the back of Mother Love.

A vintage faux Hitchcock chair in black and gold.  

Notice the bottoms of the each leg still has the original wrapping from the factory.

So underneath the legs are in pristine condition.

A large black leather satchel.

The wicker basket I will use.

I cannot pass up a round gold mirror - especially one with some age spots.

A caution light yellow enamelware top kitchen table with a working drawer.

There were a few other items stuffed into my car, but I am too embarrassed to even talk about them.

Another week, another vow.


Though I think I saw several estate sales in the paper ...

See y'all!

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  1. JUST found 'Distressed Donna' - and love it! Looking forward to following your 'FINDS'!!

  2. Don't know how on earth you managed to stuff all of these goodies into your car! Love the black and gold chair! Should be a hit at your shop!

  3. For not wanting to shop - this was an awesome stop. I LOVE that "tea cart"! I haven't been shopping in A MONTH! I have 2 auctions in the area that look good. The problem is - they're both supposed to be outside and there's a HUGE chance of rain tomorrow (60% chance). So, I guess I'll wear my Dry-Fit clothes (quick dry) and bring an umbrella! I need a good junk fix!

  4. Awwww, c'mon! Show us the stuff you're embarrassed about! Inquiring minds want to know! So do the snoopy! tee hee! Love all your goodies.... what a GREAT detour!

  5. Wow, great finds from a sale you just happened upon. :) Fab yellow table and cart. Enjoy another non shopping weekend, ha ha. I'm not shopping at an estate sale tomorrow myself.

  6. You neeeeeded to stop there. I was thinking 'Ooh, look at those trophies!' and then you told me not to get excited, so I calmed down.

  7. Oh my gosh! There is no way you could or should have passed those things up! I keep saying that I am not going to buy anymore large pieces for makeovers until I finish all the projects in the garage. But, I keep buying and cramming them in there! I think we might be related :)

  8. Oh no you don't... you have to show what is so embarrassing!!! :o) You got some great things for not having much money with you!


  9. It's an addiction and so hard to pass up a good sale! So many great finds but I love that yellow table!


  10. Well, if you a detour that you had to take meant you drove past a sale, then it's obvious that you were meant to be at that sale, and the junk gods made sure it happened. That "tea cart" is awesome and the yellow table is a scream! (Screaming yellow, get it?) I have sworn "no sales" this weekend, but there is a church sale in the neighborhood. Sigh! Maybe if I go "just to look"?

  11. Great finds! I love the mirror! I bet you have such a cool booth. I wish I lived close so I could visit!

  12. Ok do you have a room I can rent? Would love to along on your no going to sales trips. You find such incredible treasures, like that mirror and yellow table besides all the other goodies. Those two are my favorite. Have thing for mirrors, size of that one is perfect.
    Happy weekend

  13. You find more great stuff not shopping than most people find shopping. lol. Love the mirror and the yellow table. That coffin cart is crazy.

  14. I have a mirror almost just like that. I love the cart, if I get over to your booth any time soon and it's still there I may buy it.

  15. I need the Coffin table, the black satchel and the gold mirror....oh the plans I have to ruin that mirror with one of my craft projects gone wrong! LOL Stay away from the newspaper and do not get in your car! :-)

  16. How lucky can a gal get?! You find the best it all.
    I went to a community garage sale yesterday, one that I always attend because of finding all kinds of goodies......but......this year it was a dud, only found a couple items I could not live without because I saw the redo in them! Enjoy your weekend.

  17. Hi there Donna, I absolutely love the enamelware table and the mortuary piece too. Besides, who can pass up a good estate sale?!

  18. It was meant to be, the detour, breaking your vow and finding fabulous stuff! It justifies it all!

  19. Well I am still laughing about the TEA CART! Too funny! I want to know did you have to make a trip back to the bank? LOL! Love all the finds. Such good ones too. Visiting from Linda's today. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  20. Donna you and that sale were destined to meet. Look at all the unplanned treasures you found. Great finds. Happy 4th.

  21. Donna, of course you had to stop! The rolling table was probably used to hold tools to work on the body. A bit eerie, but cool at the same time! I know most mortuaries do this with upmost respect. I found an old photo of a baby like that years ago and we hung it in one of my granddaughters nurseries. It got dubbed, the 'scary baby' photo and we still call it that to this day. Although, she's 14 now and no longer has it in her room. lol! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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