Friday, July 3, 2015

Friday Finds

vintage finds in the house




I did not spend one thin dime on junk this week.

In fact, I have been junk-sober for 15 days!

I did shop my house.

Yes, I did find treasures.

Like this hand-tinted portrait of my great-grandmother, Belle Moore.

It is in deplorable condition.

I need to do something about it.

However, decades ago, an artist friend of my Aunt Sarah did this portrait of Belle based on the one above.

My aunt was kind enough to give both the portrait and the painting to me.

She hangs in my bedroom.

A large graniteware basin.

Two small basins.

A glass floral frog.

A vintage kitchen list.

A small framed dried flower.

Spindles with bobbins of thread.

Two of a collection of pin tomatoes.

A basket with tiny doll clothespins.

A metal tub of crochet thread.

I had forgotten how much I love this tiny primitive table - probably for a lucky doll.

The black arrow points out the joining pegs.

It is only a foot high.

A tinted portrait of a lost great-grandmother.

Why would anyone toss this away?

A rusty tin cache pot.

Several flash cards for French - there is a box of these somewhere.

A piece of an old baking powder sign.

Piles of prints.

I do love 40's prints - especially florals.

Also landscapes.

I am keeping the gold one - a framed watercolor.

Country scenes - most likely souvenirs of Europe.

Even more florals.

I will confess to having more than a hundred of these prints searching for ...

The perfect group to hang in the entry.

The others I have gradually sold.

A primitive cabinet begging for a makeover.


1970's Home Plans.

Super groovy styles!

Like, way cool, man.

A vintage wrought iron fixture.

I have bought numerous fixtures for the entry without finding ONE to fit the space above the door.

Another item I had over a hundred - embroidery hoops.

I was collecting them for someone to use.

She selected the ones she wanted and left a bunch.

Sarah at Sadie Seasongoods  graciously allowed me to send her a boxful.  Horror Monster is quite excited to invest in one of her crafts.  

You do know Sadie Seasongoods is found in the best magazines!

This corner is next week's project.

I can spy many forgotten treasures.

Horror Monster will soon be a svelte craft stash.

I am vowing not to shop for another week - except in the house and the yard.

See y'all! 

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  1. On the wagon, eh? I need to do that again in my basement. It was the entire month of August last year that I did it, and it needs a touch up again - the amoeba of stuff is growing away from the shelving units. And it's always fun to find the lost treasures. Lots of ideas come together for new displays, etc., don't they? Have a good weekend, Donna. God Bless America.

  2. Way to go!! I did go to the thrift shops this week but left many times empty handed! Yay but then I did find a few treasures. I need to get some photos and share my special finds!

  3. Looks like you have plenty of treasures to choose from, lol! I can't judge - I had a rummage sale yesterday and after it was over I went shopping at my favorite antique mall. Shhh....don't tell my hubby! Have a wonderful fourth Donna! Jane

  4. I love that picture of your great-grandmother. How sweet and wonderful to have it. I have an oval portrait of each of my great-grandparent's (maternal) parents. They are treasures I will never part with. I do think you picked the right combo of florals for your entry way. Shopping the house and stash is fun. I guess I'll be doing the same for a few weeks. My moratorium is for real, for real this time, I do worry about you and next week's corner. That looks scary. How long should we go without hearing from you before contacting authorities? I admire your stick to it-itveness! You rock!

  5. Wow! You found some good stuff without spending a dime or leaving the house! Way to go. Love the floral prints gallery wall. it looks great. Have a wonderful Independence Day weekend!

  6. I, too, wonder how photos of family end up at flea markets. I pick up photos that catch my eye and call them my "instant family."

  7. Congratulations Donna for being junk-sober for 15 days! Wish I could say that, but not going out to junk this week-end so that is good. Looks like you have good stuff to 'shop' in your house. Your Horror Monster corner looks like my huge storage building. I will be out there today hoping to get it organized.
    Have a happy 4th.

  8. I love all your finds. I do the same thing sometimes... just shop my house and I find things that I've forgotten about!


  9. One more car boot sale and I may be able to see the floor in the dining room

    1. yeah ..i found the floor , now i know why i hide it, really need to find a new carpet

  10. Donna, I can't imagine you doing time for your junkin habit. But if I had your stash, or Horror Monster's stash, then I'd be one happy Gal!
    Love the old photos and the one of your Great Grandmother is so precious.
    I also love that little wooden table. There is just something about little primitive tables that get to me and also that wooden cabinet.

    Hope you have a wonderful July 4th Weekend.


  11. I just purged recently a lot of my junk haul and it felt good to sell it to a friend that owns a shop. Terry was happy to see his shed floor again. It is amazing the stuff that piles up.
    Love that you have the sweet pictures of your great grandmother. What precious treasures to have.

  12. I vowed the same thing about two weeks ago and have fallen off the wagon twice! My favorite thrift store is closing so I had to go see what they had. Then they had a 50% off sale and there were a bunch more things that weren't there before! They aren't taking donations anymore but I think they are holding out on stuff in the back room! Anyways, I did good. I do need to shop my house too. I have a lot of what you have!!

  13. Wow, that portrait of your great grandmother is amazing. What a wonderful thing to have. I love all those floral prints. I am constantly getting rid of stuff, and then buying more stuff. Just took two big boxes to the thrift store this week. Only came out with a few things, so that's good. I'm trying to be more selective. You make me want to shop my old house basement. There are things down there that haven't been seen in years, but it's kinda creepy down there.

  14. I love all of those treasures, especially the prints, the table and the hand-tinted portraits. Way back when I had my dark room, I would enlarge prints and hand-tint them. I loved it and it is fast becoming a lost art. Such wonderful things you have there Donna. Take some pics of those far out and groovy 70's house plans...would love to see how or if they differ from today's plans! Happy 4th!

  15. My goodness, you are a true inspiration. I think I'm going to give it a try (giving up shopping for a while). I always slow down in July and August because I hate shopping in the heat, so one of those months would make a good moratorium. My workroom is in a very similar state to how yours was...Happy 4th, Donna!

  16. Can't believe you have all of this around the house. I love the floral prints.

  17. Good luck keeping your promise... ;)

  18. Oh I did laugh at your 'junk-sober' comment Donna. There's nothing wrong with shopping your own home. Good luck staying out of the junk shops this week sweetie ;)
    Hugs ~ Kerryanne

  19. Can I come over and shop in your house? It's a good idea to do that once in a while so that we can re-discover our own stuff. Sweet pictures of your great grandmother. Maybe you can find a much smaller frame for her? Thanks for sharing at Vintage Inspiration Party.


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