Sunday, November 2, 2014

Snow In The South!

Chucks woke me up a little before seven on Saturday morning to tell me it was SNOWING!!!

I thought he was joking and wanted me up to feed the animals.

But NO!


SNOWING in Aiken, South Carolina, on November 1.

Never in my whole life (and it has been a long one!)  have I seen snow this early in the year.

It SNOWED for about three hours.

Look at those huge flakes.

Unfortunately it was in the seventies the day before so it did not stick to the ground.

This was the coffin carrier's first day home in a week and a half.

Yes, I went that long without a car to thrift in.

Yes, it was harrowing, but SNOW made up for it.

We have two traditions here in the South when it snows.

First, we get in the car and drive around.

Check - did that!

Second, we go to the grocery store for milk and eggs.

We had those, but I did go for hot chocolate mix. 

I was so SNOW -crazed, I forgot to write posts.

So this will have to do.

A sneak peek in the back of my Blazer - I'll show you the entire haul later in the week.


Cheryl In Wisconsin sent me a boxful of really-real corks wrapped in a beautiful vintage strawberry tablecloth.

A huge thank you, Cheryl!


Maybe she sent us some snow, too.

Remember Make It Monday starts tonight (Sunday) at 7PM Eastern.  And I hope you set your clocks back so you know what time it is because I will stay confused until spring when it is Daylight Savings Time again!

See y'all!

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  1. I am beyond jealous of your first snow. So glad you enjoyed it though and had some hot chocolate too!

  2. I heard about your snow! I live in Upstate NY and we haven't gotten any yet! That's good because we still have porch furniture and garden stuff to put away!

  3. Yes, I read about snow in South Carolina while reading this morning's paper. My hubby bought a bigger snowblower yesterday because his old one was too small and he had to work too hard to remove the snow last year. Snow won't be accumulating much this season because of his new blower . . . his old one sat for a few years before there was enough snow for him to used it. But then again . . .

  4. Ugh to the snow! Can't wrap my head around 4 months of this cold weather at all right now - snow, sleet, ice, or just plain cold & dry. Yes to the corks and tablecloth and all that junk in your trunk! That somewhat softens the blow of snow in Aiken. Have a good Sunday, stay warm. Oh yea, you forgot the bread and tp on that list - or is that just us hillbillies?! :-)

  5. I'm just a tad bit jealous! We have had snow twice in 25 years! One year, 1989 to be precise, it snowed quite a bit and everything was covered in white. Miranda was 3 months old! It snowed a little one other year, but nothing to get excited about. One of my kinder teammates is in the mountains in the snow now! I want to go so bad. Have a blessed and chilly Sunday.

  6. I'm jealous, too! How fun to have snow. We rarely get snow and it never sticks, but when we do get a little, we all act like nuts because we are so thrilled to have something that is a little bit like winter down here! That was sweet of Cheryl! She's a hoot.

  7. The snow in the south of the us was on the French Tv news! Do I dare to tell you that people were still bathing in the sea yesterday here?

  8. It's cold enough to snow here in Texas, but none so far. Had to crack up at the two things you do when it snows. So real.

  9. lol! So funny that you were so 'snow crazed' that you forgot to write a post. If you ever want more winter, please feel free to come visit anytime, we have lots of it here for you to enjoy. When I was a kid, I remember thing to do was to go outside an make snow angels after first snowfall. Now I just turn up the furnace and sew something warm~

  10. So glad it didn't snow in my neck of the woods....York,SC. We make sure we have plenty of milk and bread when it snows!

  11. Is this season not crazy??? I heard it was snowing there. We got the wind here. Whew! It was cold. Cool but sunshiny today.

  12. It tickles me to no end when you and Danni get excited about snow. It makes me feel a little better about what's coming our way here. We had a few flurries on Saturday but, thankfully, it didn't stay here either. How sweet of Cheryl. Love that fabric.

  13. I snowed Halloween night here in Indy AND stuck to the ground. I was crazy and attended an OUTDOOR auction Saturday morning. The snow was gone by the time the auction started at 9. I've been collecting wine corks for awhile - but it's hard because I don't drink a ton of wine (I'm a whiskey girl!) and one of the wines I do like switched to a screw cap!

  14. Friday morning I woke up to a white backyard. My reaction? "@*$&%^@**" (It was gone by the mddle of that day.) If I sent it to you it was unintentional, although you handled it much more gracefully than I did!

  15. We don't get much snow so I like to stay inside and admire it. Lol! Can't wait to see the treasures in the Blazer.


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