Sunday, November 23, 2014

A Tiny Shake Of Christmas

bottle brush trees in shakers
Just the tiniest little shake of Christmas this morning.

I cannot seem to let a weekend go by without a bottle brush tree post.

These are rather sweet.

Unless you live near me or someone like me who has bought all the tiny trees at Hobby Lobby, you can go to Hobby Lobby to buy a package or twenty
packages of these tiny trees.

Using a warm tub of bleach and water, I picked up each tree with tweezers and gently swirled them around for about eight swirls.

Tossed them immediately into a tub of warm soapy water.

Put them out to dry.  This takes hours.

Be careful - these super-cheap trees bleach very fast.

Found a vintage postcard image at The Graphics Fairy.

Printed out a page of them.

Cut each out and decorated with a bit of glitter glue.

"To thee and thine
From me and mine -
A Merry Christmas Greeting."

In my work box a collection of thirty small salt shakers and my tiny bottle brush trees.

I dabbed a bit a Tacky Glue to the bottom of each tree and used tweezers to stick them in the bottle.

Added some plastic fake snow.

Attached the card with a beading wire stuck through the shaker holes.

Gently curled the tags.


Bottle brush trees in bottles!

Just a tiny shake of Christmas.

Back into the work box until I get them marked and ready for the booth.

I cannot hold onto the secret any longer.  Danni Baird who is on a break from her blog Silo Hill Farm is my guest poster child Tuesday and Wednesday.  She has two Thanksgiving projects that will not take but a wee bit of time if you need a last minute project. I will be off trying to create some order before the big move down the aisle to my new huge booth.

Remember to return tonight for Make It Monday.  Tamara chose the features from last week's party and they will be on her party post.  The party starts at 7PM Eastern on Sunday and runs through Wednesday. 

See y'all!

PS - Today is Chucks and my 34th wedding anniversary.  We are not doing anything special because we both FORGOT it!  Oh, well, age does creep up on you!  I suggested a quick trip to Paris.  He suggested a quick trip to the Cracker Barrel.  I guess opposites truly do attract :>)

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  1. Those little salt shakers are the cutest and you know I love it when you make any kind of tag! I take it you got to go to Cracker Barrel. Do they serve French food there? Guest Poster crack me up! You know I'd guest post for you any time!

  2. Donna those are so freakin' cute I can't stand it!

  3. How clever and creative these are....just too adorable!

  4. Your darling shakers will be a big hit among your holiday buyers! Sweet, sweet, sweet! Have a happy anniversary with the man of your dreams, Donna!

  5. Hi Donna ... congratulation on your anniversary.
    Love your tiny Christmas-tree/shaker-bottle-greeting-card. Just the perfect little thing to add to a Christmas gift. You are so clever. Happy Thanksgiving.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  6. I've always wanted to make these! How do you curl the tag?

    Happy Anniversary to you and Chucks!!


  7. Happy Anniversary and many more! Maybe Paris will be in the future.........enjoy Cracker Barrel! Love your creativity with the tiny trees in shakers. I have been to the Hobby Lobby I frequent but they only have the larger bottle brush trees.....will have to go back and look again. Enjoy your special day!

  8. OMG, how cute! I have some tiny trees like that but I don't think I have any salt shakers... off to the thrift store I go!! :o)


  9. These are such sweet little things...can you imagine one at each place setting for guests to take home? I love them. Happy Anniversary to you and Mr. Chuckles - enjoy Paris and Cracker Barrel on your magic carpet ride. ;)
    Danni Banani as guest poster child- hahaha.

  10. Love the little shaker trees and congrats on your Anniversary! Wish you were on your say to Paris, but Cracker Barrel is probably more like it if your like me!

  11. Your shaker trees are SO pretty! Happy Anniversary! Hopefully you will find something special to do even if it's not Paris.

  12. Those shakers are so sweet! Happy anniversary to you two! Let's look at it this way...every day is so special that every day is an anniversary day! Enjoy the Cracker Barrel!

  13. Another one of your very clever and cute projects. Love them. Happy anniversary. Hope about a Cracker Barrel in Paris?

  14. Donna these are amazing! What an awesome display of creativity!!! Thanks for sharing. I want to try this.

  15. Happy Anniversary to you and Chucks! I love your shaker trees. They are sooo sweet!! I love Paris, but I love the Cracker Barrel too. Enjoy! I'm looking forward to the posts of your guest poster child. lol. I just knew it was Danni!

  16. Ohhhh I love those little bottle brush trees in shakers. Happy Anniversary too. I would love for you to share some of your posts at The Southern Special Tuesday beginning at 7:00am. sb

  17. Dearest Miss Donna and Chucks;
    Happy 34th Anniversary!!!!! You tell Chucks that he is going to get hit with a stick......Paris had better be in your future!!!! :-D
    I am absolutely in LOVE with your tiny bleached trees in salt shakers!!!!! (Kicking myself now for not purchasing all of those single salt shakers!!!)
    You are truly an Artist and you come up with the most Delightful, and Wonderful things.
    I Look so forward to seeing what you will do next Miss Donna!!! :-)
    I hope that you and Chucks have a Happy Loving and Wonderful Anniversary.

  18. Donna, these are just the cutest! I think I'll try this! Fun! Fun! I am decorating a table for our ladies' night at church. I think I'll use this adea!

  19. Your little salt shaker tree is the cutest. Glad you showed this to us, if I have time I'll make a few for our craft show on 12/13. Will have to wait to get the trees and salt shakers but will get all I need after Thanksgiving. (I hope). Hope our HL has the trees. Do you always store lots of little shakers? cute idea keeping supplies for project in a cute box. This will be cute quick thing to make.
    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY. Ours is 11/30 for 46 yrs but we're a bit older than you I'd wager. Hope you had great meal at Cracker Barrel. We used to go to a CB when we lived outside Bowling Green, KY. Miss that place, good food and lots of cute things to buy.

    Happy week and enjoy season

  20. Happy Anniversary! Now get back to work!

  21. Happy Anniversary! My parents are celebrating 32 years on Thanksgiving! :)

  22. Love, love, LOVE these! So adorable! I never knew there were so many things to do with a bottle brush tree. So glad you shared this at the Make it Monday Party because I missed this post somehow. Bon aniversaire de mariage mon amiee :)

  23. I love these tree shakers. I love Danni as a guest poster. I love Cracker Barrel. Today is a good day.

  24. These are so cute Donna! I would have never thought of bleaching them! I am pretty sure you will sell out of these little gems very quickly. So excited to see Danni back for a bit! And HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Look out Paris, or Cracker Barrel! Here you come.... They do make good cheese.....or is there another Cracker Barrel that I don't know about?

  25. they are adorable Donna, what a sweet idea. Happy anniversary :) Can't wait to see Danni back in action

  26. Donna your Tiny Shakes of Christmas are absolutely gorgeous, and I love the name too. Beautifully done. Karen.x

  27. Donna, we made little shakers like this a couple of years ago for favors for a club that I am in. They were a big hit! Yours are so cute!! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  28. These are adorable and they're going to sell like mad!! Happy Anniversary!!

  29. I love your bottle brush shakers! Thank you for sharing and Happy Anniversary!


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