Friday, November 21, 2014

Friday Finds

thrifted finds, vintage
Again this week - only smalls!

I have been searching for both items to sell in the new booth and for items to use for decoration.

These sheets of rusty tin were originally my idea for a sign, but then I thought of something else for them.

We'll see.

Quite the juxtaposition, isn't it?

A picnic basket and a pair of ice skates.

Very small skates with double blades for beginners.

I found an adult pair also - neither vintage, but they did not have to be for my project.

A beaded bird clip.

Two pairs vintage wool booties with satin ribbon ties.

A handmade pinafore - you must pin it on the child's clothes.

A stack of ruined linens saved by a wonderful thrift store employee who thought of me and hid them.

A huge "THANK YOU!"

Quite the pair of tipsy lamps.

Both rather tall.

The shades were dumped into the trash.

I despise those new light bulbs.

I think the brass one was originally an oil lamp.  The harp is wired on.

The white one is so mid-century modern.

Remember the two red suitcases from last week?

So did a volunteer at another thrift who remembered I bought them and saved this train case that matches.

Pinned right inside - the key!

A stack of slacks hangers for the new booth - I use them for anything from linens to posters.

Two vanity trays.

I am hoping under the Victorian gift wrap paper there might be a vintage print.

Fingers are crossed!

An entire trash bag filled with sheers.

I will hang these in the booth.

A wooden box filled with vintage Christmas ornaments, a roll of masking paper, vintage chicks, and a trophy bowl.

The trophy was awarded in 1976 for 
Third Overall 

I am sure there is a story there.

I dearly love old stockings.

These two are not really old, but they look old.

I think that counts.

Though I would rather be really old, but not look old!

I have a surprise guest coming next week with not one, but two posts - Tuesday and Wednesday.

See y'all!

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  1. Another nice haul the little skates! Waiting to see what you do with the rusty tins. Nice to have a friend in the thrift business............which does not happen around here! Have fun!

  2. Oh I could have supplied you with miles of rusty tin from my farm! We had stacks of it. LOL! I'm curious to know if anything was under those frames?? Kudos for "juxtaposition"'s the teacher in you isn't it?? We were never allowed to have training blades and all of us could skate by the time we were 3. The first little skates, like the first bike, were handed down through 7 kids and we were excited when we got them! Wonder what happened to them.

  3. Every time you post your wonderful goodies I'm thinking what I could make with them. Love the vanity trays and even the paper. I just ordered some vintage paper from ebay.

  4. I love that blue and pink linen piece. That colour combo is so gorgeous!! It's nice to have friends at the thrift store. Love the train case, and the vanity trays too. Hope you found something awesome under the gift wrap. I have a huge weakness for vintage Christmas ornaments and have to pick them up whenever I see them. Those little chick are sooo adorable.

  5. You gotta love a good swashbuckling trophy.
    I hate the new lightbulbs too.

  6. Donna, you have the best thrift shop luck!! Can't wait to see what you do with your skates!

  7. A swashbuckling trophy? I hope you're keeping that!

  8. I love your thrifty finds especially the Christmas goodies. Hope you will share them on The Southern Special this week. sb

  9. The stockings are cute, Donna! I am good with things that "look" old ;)

  10. You did good! Love the rusty metal and I'm hoping you tell us all about the money you find behind the wrapping paper.

  11. I need a sign. I had one that Rebecca at A Gathering Place made for me and somone bought it even with the NFS tag on it. I was just sick. Nothing fits except that one.

  12. I like the big bag of shears. Those will look cool hanging in your booth! I'm with you on the not looking old part but I think I am loosing that battle.

  13. Hey Miss Donna; You Always find the neatest items when you go out hunting!!!
    I can not wait to see what you will come up with via your latest projects, as your are so very Artistic, and have such a Wonderful sense of Style!!! :-).
    I am especially excited to see what you are going to do with the ruined linens, as I collect some at times, as they are much too pretty to toss!!!
    Take Care :-)

  14. I do hope for you there's something beautiful under the Victorian paper!

  15. oh my gosh, pretty funny that you have thrift store employees all around town hiding treasures for you ;) I've never seen double bladed skates before, pretty neat~

  16. Donna, are you sure the Christmas stockings aren't old ? I had some identical to those when I was a girl, and I'm over 50 now. Maybe they are just in good shape ?

  17. Dibs on the beaded bird clip! It's wonderful that the thrift store employees set stuff aside for you.

  18. Donna, I always love seeing your finds and what you do with them. The Christmas decorations are darling. I always keep my eyes out for things like that, but never hardly ever find any. Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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