Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Auction - The Primitives

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When we first arrived at the auction site, I was drooling over the assortment of primitive boxes, spools, tables, and chairs.

I bought tables and benches.

This brown and blue table had a painted canvas top tacked to it.

I could tell it had some pattern, but it was too rotted to save.

It tattered and frayed all the way home on the interstate.

But I may save this idea for a future project.

The extra wide single board top is the attraction here.

Two small green tables.

Another great bench and a green table.

A homemade gray ladder with a small blue stool.

This may be my favorite - love the soft green.

Yes, all of them have wonky legs, but that can be fixed.

Yes, all of them are filthy beyond belief, but they can be cleaned.

The trick will be to save the patina while making them presentable.

Four old spools with great graphics and colors.

I have ideas.

There were a line of these old hand trucks at the auction.

I bought the tiny one which weighs about thirty pounds.

It came in handy for getting the spools to the truck.

I left this buy out yesterday.

J. Chesler & Sons Lock Company ...

For this door lock display!

Loaded up for the trip back home.

It took several hours for me to unload and find places for all the stuff.

I will doing a post on each big piece as it is finished.

Don't hold your breath!

Auction pics can be found on my FB page (here) if you are interested.

See y'all!

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  1. Thanks for sharing! all the best for your sales!

  2. I love your primitives. I am trying to not be too envious. I've never went to an auction with that much great stuff. I am happy for you!

  3. Loving all the benches! Great finds.

  4. Wow! Are you gonna be busy for a while or what?

    Can't wait to see the transformations...


  5. Okay, that answers my question from the previous post - YES! You got some oh-so-awesome tables and benches, Donna. I love them all, in all their chippy goodness. I would sell every one just as they are! Love the advertised lock with sign too!

  6. Again, you bought some great stuff! I love all the green.

  7. It is unfathomable that you obtained all of this from one source. What a great event.

  8. The dirtier and crustier the better! I can't believe some people think that stuff is junk! :)

  9. That handtruck rocks!!! I love all of your finds. I agree about the table with the wide board top. Those are not easy to find. I have so much trouble finding time to do every project. I will look forward to seeing yours as they progress.

  10. Lol, i think I'm going to have to remember how sneaky you are. Deals with yourself are all in the details though I guess. Great haul, can't wait to see your truckload of postcards.

  11. I am in awe..........I loved the first load you posted yesterday but this one is just too wonderful! All those chippy shabbilicious prim tables and benches make me swoon!
    Love it all and can hardly wait to see what you do with everything. Have fun!

  12. I need to tag along with you when you go to auctions. Wow, what a load (literally) of awesome stuff. You'll be busy for quite a while, but it's so worth it. Thanks for sharing at VIP.

  13. Unbelievable! Those tables and benches are awesome. I have a handtruck almost just like that one. My hubs built 3 wooden boxes (from our old fence) and we put them going up the center (evenly spaced) of the handtruck and I planted them this past summer and leaned it against a fence. I got SO MANY compliments on it!! What an auction that must have been to attend!

  14. Wow! Oodles of green tables and benches! You had a truck full! I look forward to seeing what magic you work on them. My ornament exchange post is up....will you be the first to sign up? :)

  15. Amazing, that you got all this great stuff at one auction. I love those two sweet little green tables. I know all these awesome finds are in good hands.

  16. never seen so many great tables at one auction , I love that little wide board step stool

  17. Oh my gosh I love all of it! You got some with great coloring....those green table are so nice. So what magic will you do on them? Whatever I know it will be good! Happy Halloween!

  18. hi donna! what an amazing collection you have! i am drooling over every piece, especially those ladders!! =)

  19. Oh my gosh Donna, love these tables and benches! so much potential!! Yes, save that patina girl! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  20. Nice! Looking at the spools reminds me of my step dad - he was a police office with a side business making nautical and coastal tables and tables. He used to redo those spools back in the 70's when dark stain and thick coats of Varathane were the rage.

  21. I love primitive furniture pieces so much. Thanks for sharing with TTF

  22. Great finds!! Love these vintage treasures. Those spools are incredible too. I had one years ago used as a table outside. It was really huge!
    I am visiting from the Alphabet party link with ECS.
    Have a great week.


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