Friday, November 7, 2014

Friday Finds

vintage finds, thrifting
I have not been avoiding you.  I have been very busy on a new project which I will share soon.

Meanwhile I have been thrifting smalls.

Two train cases.

A large basket with beehive bobbins, an oil can, several graters (which you cannot see).

An aluminum colander.

Two dictionaries for paper art.

Two volumes of the Children's Classics.  (I did not care for these when I taught because they are abridged.)

A graceful hand.

A large piece of a crazy quilt.

A pair of candlesticks with a handy bowl bottom.

I will be painting these.

Two over-sized Sunshine Bakery biscuit tins.

The neatest thing about these tins is they open on both sides.

Though I can imagine the curses that would fly if the bottom came off after filling the tin with goodies.

I love this book because:

I love Thomas Hardy.

I love the cover.

I love the typography used.

I love the librarian who thought to stick the card catalog cards in the back pocket with the checkout card.

I love the pages which had to be cut open by the first reader. 

(See the ragged edges?)

Homer Laughlin Fleur-de-lis plates and a platter.

A gold tole bowl with limes.

A silver tray.

A primitive blue bench.

A child's Mexican chair.

A candle box.

A large funnel.

A rusty saddle stand.

A fifties woven spread in very worn condition - it was well-loved.

I am keeping this lovely green pottery bowl.

Does anyone recognize the potter's mark?

I won a giveaway from Melissa at Melissa's Antiques and it arrived this week.

A batiste towel with delicate embroidery.

Vintage Halloween treat bags.

Vintage Christmas cards and stickers.

Wooden spools.

One spool is already dressed for Christmas with a wee bit of washi tape and a bleached bottle brush tree.

Thanks so much, Melissa!

Hopefully I will be able to finish some painting projects today to show you this weekend.

See y'all!

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  1. Yet another great haul, Donna :) Love the hand and the primitive bench. Those huge tins are awesome; will you be painting them as well? Hope you have a terrific week-end,

  2. Donna, love your finds, dang! My faves? The 1950s bedspread, the hand (I use those to display my collection of antique mesh and beaded purses), and the blue bench - quite the span of eras, huh? I found a few discussion threads on that mark - some thought Mountainside Art Pottery of NJ, but others argued it wasn't in the style of the original founder, a John Kovacs. Maybe that will help you get somewhere. Good luck sleuthing!

  3. You found some great things Donna! That piece of crazy quilt caught my it! Have a wonderful week end...hugs...

  4. Wow, Donna! Great stuff. I love the book because I love all red books. It's special to you, which makes it even better. Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. You stay so busy and still find some amazing items! Love the books and the little chair!

  6. I love that book too! I never knew that was why the pages of some books were ragged. Thanks for the lesson!


  7. Some fun finds Donna. The little Mexican chair would fit in with my collection and I love the blue table. Congratulations on your win from Melissa. You will have fun with those items. Anxious to know what your new project is.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  8. Great finds Donna! I am curious to see what you do with the colander. I have one or two of those in my kitchen cabinet. I never use those anymore because I have one that fits over the pots after draining the food.

  9. Once scored some awesome stuff! Love the beehive bobbins. I have never seen any of those. Sweet giveaway package too. I see you actually used a tiny piece of the washi tape you ahve been! I like it! Have a wonderful weekend.

    Blessings, Vicky

  10. Total score I love the spool tree cute very cute idea.

  11. That book is awesome, and I love the candlesticks. Oh and that crazy quilt and hand are such fun. Great finds again!

  12. Hey Miss Donna;
    I hope that you and Chucks have been doing well. Could you Please contact me via email, as I need to ask you a couple of questions!! Thank-You :-)

  13. Glad to know you haven't slacked off on your shopping! Again with the body parts?!

  14. Some great finds, as usual! I love the big tins!

  15. Do you have anybody that complains about the smalls you accumulate and until you actually use them? Hope not. You got so many great things to play with, make things with. That hand is unusual twisted as it is. You have a great eye for goodies. I do too but no money to buy them. Found 3 great wicker/basket type trays today at Goodwill. Killed me to walk away but made me wonder why I went there in first place without money to spend besides dollar or two. Our goodwill is expensive, we're helping them pay for their new building few year ago now.
    I have a hubs that wants to know why I have to keep stupid little things or a cardboard box from a computer desk in my sewing room. Have had it for while but keep thinking I'm going to use it for something very handy.
    Who knows what will happen or what project a person will need some incidental thing? That's why our shed is full of "crap" as he calls it. When I get in mood to clean out shed he complains about all the work (I do) but complains about shed being full of "crap". Sigh, hubs will never get it. Have to have foresight something will come up to use our "crap" for, lol. Have fun with all your "goodies", look forward to seeing what you do with them whenever. Happy weekend and season If you feel urge to reply please do so to my email address. THanks.

  16. So glad you incorporated one of the spools into a project! :) Also, I'm seriously coveting that blue primitive bench.

  17. Your platter and plate are gorgeous!

  18. Bonjour,

    Je découvre avec délice votre blog... Il est bon de dénicher les objet d'autrefois...
    Gros bisous ☂

  19. I love the book and other stuff you found. The little tree on the spool is too cute!

  20. You have impressive shopping skills. You got wonderful things. And congrats on winning the giveaway. Thanks for linking up at Vintage Bliss Tuesdays. Jo

  21. Oh love that red book and the candle sticks! Congrats on the win. I am bleaching trees tomorrow. Cute!! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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