Friday, November 14, 2014

Friday Finds

Thrifting findsI am buying mostly smalls as I get ready for the big move down the aisle at Riverfront Antique Mall.

I have been painting up a storm and have no clue how many new tags I have marked.

So here are the smalls for this past week.

Two hand-painted pillows.

Wintry trees sitting in a California relish dish.

I promise just as soon as I move and decorate, I will list new items for Etsy like this relish dish.

A blue 45 RPM record case - metal with riveted sides.

Red for the holidays!

I will be making some red plaid flannel bows for these.

I wish the clerk had left the tag on this.  It claimed this was a miniature doll ironing board!

Of course it is for sleeves or pant legs.

It is wooden under the padding.


They make great shelves for collectibles.

A small brown bookshelf in need of some loving.

A general purpose silverplate tray to hold tiny items in the display case.

And that gorgeous hammered brass pedestal bowl.

I love it for its trophy shape.

Why would I buy this tacky Bahamas straw tote?

Well, they come in handy holding rolled textiles or tall skinny things.

These two were next to each other at the thrift.

They seemed made for each other - A yellow tin with a white and yellow crocheted apron.

The hand-forged iron horse is a signed piece.  He must have been screwed to a base at one time.

I could not leave Mr. Gingerbread Man behind.

He has that "Oh, NO!" expression.

Shortbread tins - six for each shape in the original box with a recipe for Sand Bakkels.

So that is it for this week.  Never again will I tackle all my projects at one time during the holidays.

I have learned 60 is NOT the new 30!

See y'all!

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  1. That iron horse tugs at my heart strings and the yellow tin and apron is so fresh! Great finds!

  2. Those red suitcases look like they were never used!


  3. You had me at the hand painted pillows - how unique!

  4. It always makes me smile when an item is tagged with something that's it's part of the charm of antiquing. All good finds, but I love the Mr. Bill "oh, no!" gingerbread man.

  5. So many wonderful things. Love the box of shortbread tins. Oh you are so right...60 is not the new 30! Good Luck and hang in there!

  6. So agree with you and Linda. 60 is definitely not the new 30 not by a long shot. Great finds.

  7. I love the hand painted pillows, the horse and the tins, great pieces!

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Hey ladies...Don't dash my hopes about 60! Then again, I bet it is twice as good as thirty....all the knowledge to make really good decisions and the wisdom to take your time about it..... Speed and beauty are replaced by dignity, wisdom and kindness....

  10. I love those pillows. They are awesome. I have been collecting those little shortbread tins for projects, but how great to find some in an original box. When I first popped over I was thinking what is she doing posting Friday Finds on Thursday, and then I realized that it is actually Friday. lol. Great find as always.

  11. Great finds. I like the idea of putting plaid bows on the suitcases. I will have to put one on my red suitcase before it goes to our big bazaar on Thursday. Can't wait to see your new booth.

  12. Great finds. I love the ironing board used for sleeves and pants. We call it a "jeannette" in France. I found one some months ago and I haven't decided how to use it yet... Maybe if you strip the fabric, the wood will be beautiful under it... Mine has a lovely aged wood.

  13. I Know I live in wrong place as you bloggers find the best "stuff" wherever you live. Our Goodwill is ridiculously expensive and our thrift store prices are scandalous. lol Oh well,nothing I can do about where I live but I am envious of all the goodies you find. What great stuff, who knows what can be done with it all. Enjoy it for me will you? Those suitcases and all the finds are spectacular. Enjoy the season

  14. Glad you were sticking to the "smalls"! 54 is not the new 30 either. Maybe it's 65! LOL!

  15. Love that record player! So cute that it's portable.

  16. The 45 RPM case. Wow! That takes me way back. I love it all but the hand painted pillows are really pretty. I'm glad it's all small stuff this time.

  17. I'm not used to seeing you buy only smalls :) Love the brass trophy bowl and the horse (amazing!). You've got the gift, Donna!

  18. Terrific finds! I love the suitcases and that apron!! So glad you shared at Found & Foraged, and I hope we'll see you back on Saturday.

  19. Those suitcases get me every time! LOVE! Thank you so much for linking up at Found & Foraged! PINNED! Hope to see you again this Saturday night at 8PM at

  20. I am still working on my space too Donna. It's all cleaned, but I still need to get all my Christmas out!

  21. Donna I love the shortbread tins! I pick them up whenever I run across them. How cool to be in the original box with recipe! The suitcases will look awesome with plaid bows. But then, I am mad for plaid! lol! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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