Friday, November 28, 2014

Friday Finds

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Hey!  It is the day after Thanksgiving and all through the house there is a great hustle and bustle for Christmas is coming.

With huge market baskets ready for shopping.


I wonder what Donna will drag home today?


A whole group of gold glitter baskets and a giant bag of bells - just too much to deal with now.


Sweet Christmas angels with slightly smudged faces.


And a giant linen tablecloth!


I am past getting worried - this is the dining room/craft creation/gift wrapping station.  Oh, my!


Typesetting letters - N, J, W (Not Jolly Wilkes?) and a #13 race car - perfect for stuffing a stocking or two.


Help! I am being held hostage in a hoarder house!



Tell the truth - how many of you went back and forth trying to find the rhyme or reason to this post?


Well, there isn't any except it is late Tuesday night and I am writing it ahead of time because I will be busy moving my junk, er, merchandise at Riverfront Antique Mall.


Come make me a deal!


See y'all!


PS  I am having so much fun with the vintage Santa, I am not selling him!







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  1. Where do you keep finding these treasures - especially this time of year? I love the gold glitter baskets!

  2. Great treasures-I love the type setting letters-I have a T like them

  3. That Santa is so much fun! I'd have to keep him too. And those sweet Christmas angels are adorable.

  4. Darnit! I love that Santa and was hoping you'd list him in your etsy shop! He is adorable!


  5. Hi Donna ... hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful. Love your finds ... I would give Santa a safe home in this hoarder's house ... he could run free and not be held hostage.
    Good luck with you new booth.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

    1. Hey Audrey;
      I see that you and I both could give this Santa the freedom which he needs to be able to roam, play with many items, and run free!!!!! LOL!
      NOT being a Hostage is an Important thing!!!! ;-)
      Take Care :-)

  6. Hey Miss Donna; I Hope that you and Chucks had a very Wonderful Thanksgiving!!!
    You find the most Wonderful things, as I am in Love with your Antique Santa!!!
    I am so glad that you will keep him, as he is just too Beautiful!!!
    I Hope that you make many, many $$$$$ this Weekend at your Booth!!!
    Take Care :-)

  7. Initially I thought maybe Santa and some other body part thingies in your house were going to have a conversation about what you're up to. NJW - "Joyous Noel, Wilkes!"

  8. Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving, Donna. Your Santa is sweet (not scary) and oh, so pose-able! That giant bell is wonderful and the typesetting letters--terrific. Happy selling season :)

  9. The vintage Santa is so cute with his rosy cheeks!

  10. I so enjoy this post!!! It's so fun to see what you are finding. That Santa is a GEM. Thanks for linking up at Found & Foraged!!!! Have a great week. :) xo, Laura

  11. Those type blocks are awesome - especially the race car. I really really love that Santa and I would hold on to him too!

  12. Love your holiday treasures Donna! Just imagine how much they've seen and heard at all those Christmas parties of the past.

  13. i love that santa!!!!!!! angie

  14. I think Santa is having too much fun with you!!! Wondering how much for the J, and how large is it? Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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