Saturday, November 15, 2014

Cranberry Benches

Distressed Painting furniture, MinWax Poly/Stain, Americana Decor Chalky Paint
It was a great painting day recently so I set up in the driveway and painted the day away.

First to show - CRANBERRY BENCHES!

Okay, so one is actually a stool, but the other four are benches.

Or maybe they are step-stools.

I have been saving them for the new booth.

No, I have not moved yet.

Still in transition.

All were thoroughly cleaned and sanded.


All were painted with a very red paint.

I wanted a more sedate cranberry red.

See the after and the before.

How to achieve this look?

A good coat of Americana Decor Chalky Paint in Rouge.

Followed by MinWax in Mission Oak.

I used a foam brush to apply the poly/stain in small areas and immediately wiped with the grain with a cloth.

I allowed the paint to sit for a couple of hours before the stain.

I allowed the stain to sit for three hours before bringing the benches inside.

I do not like the smell in the house.

So cranberry benches just may be the only Thanksgiving thing on my blog this year.

The cranberry benches will make their appearance in my new booth at Riverfront Antique Mall (W-10) in December.

So maybe I should have named them Holly Berry Benches.

Oh, well.

I am running around like a squirrel on a highway during rush hour.

See y'all!

PS - No, I do not get paid for naming the products I use.  I buy them with my own really real money!

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  1. I've been painting tables too, red and aqua.

  2. Love those cranberry benches. I think it's a great color for the holidays but would make a great accent piece for all year.

  3. Great analogy for how you feel right now - I can see that clearly in my head. Great little benches/stool, and a great festive color. Good luck in the transition, I hope it goes well.

  4. Well those are quite lovely! I like the name cranberry benches. I actually thought they had something to do with cranberry bogs! LOL! Visiting a cranberry bog is on my bucket list, so I was hopeful.

  5. They turned out beautifully- whatever you call them!
    Don't get hit by a truck on that highway, SquirrelDonna. ;)

  6. That might be my new favorite color - love it!

  7. The only thing I am painting these days is my kitchen....little by little! Your benches/stools look FABULOUS in my favorite color!

  8. I'm a fool for there and almost everywhere! Nice transformations!

  9. These are great Donna. I absolutely love the color. I need you to come visit and redo my table for me! know what you're doing! Good luck with all the moving. I know it's got to be a lot of work...kind of like moving classrooms! Been there...done that, more than once! Have a lovely Sunday.

  10. Love the color you painted your benches. Congrats on your new space...hope it goes well for you!
    Mary Alice

  11. How timely those benches are. I join the rest of the group in giving the color 2 thumbs up. They will be great in the booth, both for sale and for display. I can picture one beneath a tree... a step up for the person who sets the top ornament on the tree. Also perfect for a little person who wants to help decorate. No matter their use, they are lovely!

  12. Love that cranberry's got my vote! I really love the color and our living area was merlot for over 10 years. Good luck with you new space.

  13. Good job Donna ... you are smart to paint a bunch the same color. That should make things go faster. Love the color and I am sure you are not through with them. Good luck on your move ...
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  14. Wowza! I absolutely love that red. The before and the after would both work for me. Beautiful!

  15. Thank you for keeping it real (and not getting reeled in by sponsors)! Love the color you came up with for the little benches and stool.

  16. Those look perfect for a Cranberry Morning!! LOL Love it, the color is spectacular.

  17. what a lovely color! I love the change by adding the wax, really made the red more beautiful! Great tip!

  18. All your "benches" are looking awesome, love that color. Really pretty. I've noticed color trends are shifting a bit in last couple months, due to season? Whatever that's gorgeous. I'll have to get some of that cranberry color at Michaels or Hobby Lobby with a coupon of course. Really do love how bright and festive it looks. I think cranberry color is actually prettier for holidays than deep red.
    Happy creating and enjoy the season.

  19. Great color!! I have just decided that I don't use red nearly enough. :)

  20. Lovely color! I am totally wild about benches and stools. I pick them up whenever I find them. I have a trio of handmade benches right now that I think you would just love to paint all cranberry.

  21. Perfect pop of red just in time for Christmas! I love them Donna! Benches or stools, always great to have! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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