Sunday, November 30, 2014

Chenille Santas

Chenille stem figures, Christmas, Old World Santas
Chenille Santas!

They have style.

They have class.

They have attitude.

I had my own sheet of beheaded Santas, but the file is lost deep in the bowels of my computer.

Luckily for me, Karen at The Graphics Fairy had a sheet of both small and large heads of Old World Santas.

I only needed the small ones, but I have another Christmas craft to use the large ones.

Crafting chenille stem figures has been around for decades. 

If you want specific directions, you can go to my Halloween figures here.


I make them in several color combinations.

Mainly because I love to play with chenille stems!

There are greenery stems available during this time of year - I made tiny wreaths for them.

I used silver for the loop at the top. 

Where the stem is bent, it forms a tiny silver belt buckle.

Some Santas hold silver jingle bells.

Bending the arms and legs creates a unique expression for each.

This one is saying, "You are not taking this wreath from me!"

Must have been a Black Friday kind of thing.

Some carry little silver scepters - see over to the right?

Santa is jumping with joy - he is one of the lucky ones who get to carry the tiny bottle brush trees.

Folks, it is Sunday - of course there are bottle brush trees!

Group photo - necessary at all holiday events.

How many did I make?

I lost count after 100.

Chucks caught me talking to them.

He said there was something seriously wrong with me.

Hey, THEY listen!

Remember to return tonight - Sunday at 7PM for another Make It Monday.  I chose the features from last week so they will show up on my blog.  Tamara (Etcetorize) and I love to see what you bring over!

See y'all!

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  1. Looks like you had lots of fun making these. So cute!

  2. Ah! Now I see why you wanted to behead Santa's! So cute !

  3. "Must have been a black Friday kind of thing" - ahahahahaha.
    Wait til Chucks thinks you're not around and listen. I'll bet he talks to the Santas also.

  4. This is a bunch of rowdy Santas- I can tell. I bet they made a few passes at you. Chucks should be listening in. I'd run off with Tan/Green Santa.
    I have never made these but you have made them so appealing that I think I have to this year.

  5. They are so cute, I love mine that you made for me!


  6. You are so talented Donna. With making 100+, you must have Santa's everywhere. They are really cute and not much different than the vintage ones.
    Have fun and it is alright to talk to them.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  7. They listen? Really? No, they can't be male then!

  8. I love these!!! I have a bunny like this and didn't realize that I could make one. Easy, right?

  9. Those are too fab for words! The first pic looks like a little row of can-can Santas!

  10. Your chenille Santas are so fun. I understand why you started talking to them. 100? Yikes!!

  11. "He caught me talking to them" - I laughed out loud at that! We all do it! ;)

  12. Oh my goodness, you are so funny. I'm glad you've found (made) some new friends. They are adorable.

  13. Where do you get the chenille stems to make those? They're a different shape aren't they? Love all the pretty colors you used. I'd have been talking to them if they didn't twist the way I wanted them to. Hopefully nobody heard me.
    Your Santa's are very cute and little different than some I've seen, like that idea. I have those Santa faces from GF. Hmmm, maybe I could make some of these.
    Happy week and enjoy season

  14. They are too cute Donna! Another plus is that they can't talk back. lol! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  15. Love these, Donna--they look so genuinely vintage. I'm wondering where you get the special chenille stems to do these? Also wondering if you might link up this post (and your skate post, too!) at our Thrifted Merry Christmas party on my blog today?


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