Friday, July 1, 2016

Friday Finds

vintage finds, decluttering, mannequins, jars
I am still shopping in the deep innards of Horror Monster, my beloved stash.


Currently cleaning out blanket chests and trunks.

Packed all this away one Christmas and never unpacked it.

Off to the booth.

Yes, whole collections are leaving for new homes.

Like my miniature mannequin collection.

This large, lovely piece of pottery was a gift complete with a dried flower arrangement.

Going away.

I'll share more Horror Monster finds later, but I did do a tiny bit of shopping.

At the thrift store I found a bag of 32 pulls - some with their screws.

Also the large handle.

A black box currently in the stages of a makeover. 


Love the sprayer jar.


A tall buttery yellow bifold door.

Would look great in a corner.

Away to Booth W-10.

A screen door guard.

I sell a lot of these.

I have done a bit more online shopping.

Could not resist these large glass jars from Decor Steals last week.

Did not have any idea how huge they were!

Sent with the original dirt!

Notice my dining room table is still free of clutter.

In fact I may have to dust it!

See y'all!


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  1. I Smile that you've given your Beloved Stash a Name... and a Great Name at that... Horror Monster... LOVE IT! Mine is Nameless but equally in a phase of transition to either be kept and better organized or relevant... or carted off to my Showrooms too at the Antique mall. Having completed the Big Move a full year ago now I am feeling like I need to finally get around to tackling what is still unpacked or laying about... one piece at a time. I've procrastinated somewhat after moving in just so that I could curate accurately what goes with the New Home and what should just be disposed of. Tough calls sometimes but I'm getting better at Editing... better at Purging the Hoard of Lovelies... and better yet, Culling unemotionally with less attachments to stuff. Whew... now I won't be profiled on an Episode of Hoarders, what a Relief... I'm sure at some time they're going to get around to us Beautiful Hoarders of the Good Stuff?! Winks... Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. Lots of good things from Horror Stash! I love those screen door guard!! Happy Weekend!

  3. Oh, what great finds you forgot you had!! I have places like that I have yet to dig out. I keep it all and it always pays off. I broke my huge bathroom mirror and although I was upset I just went up to the attic and got the mirror I have had about 30 years, hung it and repainted right on the spot. Love a good old stash!!

  4. What do you use the jars for?

  5. Horror Monster never disappoints. Love those mini mannequins!

  6. Oh no....not dusting! Egads!

  7. I agree with Sharon above...Horror Monster never disappoints! Your shop must be overflowing! Have a great weekend!

  8. You always come up with good stuff, even when shopping your Horror Monster. Love the screen guard and the bi-fold door would be fun to decorate with. I just moved three large tubs of lighting fixtures and lamp parts from a closet to the garage so I can go through them. Peaked in one and was surprised to see what great lamps I had forgotten about. Looking forward to seeing more of your finds and what you do with them.

  9. Donna! I love your finds and how you incorporate them into your design spirit! It is always fun to watch for your makeovers as they are so unique and inspiring. Can't wait to see what you do with the black box and LOVE the yellow shutter doors. Wishing I lived closer so that I could partake in your booth treasures! Have a wonderful 4th weekend!

  10. Donna, I think that pottery thing is a bread baker. I have one that was a gift. Mine came from a gallery, not cheap. Get some real money for it in the booth!

  11. Great stuff. It will fly off the shelves.

  12. I am NOT shopping again until the 127 Sale! That's 29 days! Think I can make it?!

  13. Such great things! I am sure they will all sell in a heartbeat!

    xo Dianne


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