Friday, July 29, 2016

Friday Finds - Estate Sale #2

estate sale, vintage finds, handkerchief, quilts
Then there was Estate Sale #2.

The junkin' gods were working overtime for sure. 

Love the HOPE mailbox nameplate.

Distressed baby shoes.

A stack of vintage hankies.

A large quilt with a split personality.

Sweet pastel butterflies on one side with a fifties retro print on the back. 

A baby quilt in baby blue.

A large doll trunk in paper tweed with a red floral inside.

Even had the key!

A green cookbook and a First Year Latin.

A cheap basket.

I used it to carry the next items. 

A bevy of vintage Christmas!

Look at that cross-eyed elf.

Most of this is going to Etsy just as soon as I quit lolling around and take photos of everything to list.

A piggy bank bottle that ...

Looks like a pig!

Chucks went along on the trip to take a look at the Nat Geo's.

There were boxes left for $50 each!

No wonder they were left.

We negotiated a much, much cheaper price and made Chucks a happy guy.

He loves to read old Nat Geo's and peruse the vintage maps.

I bought a few more linens and books but forgot to take their picture.

Poor things.

I am off to ride the Ridge on a junkin' trip with Rush - a visiting blogging friend.

See y'all!


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  1. Ya done good. As usual. That piggy bank bottle is adorable. I've never seen anything like it. Have fun with Rush. I'd tell you all to behave, but that wouldn't do any good.

    1. We had a blast! Donna is a perfect fit for Katie and I! We spent too much money on must-haves!

  2. For a second there I thought you came to an estate sale here in Texas where there was a whole table full of those ceramic quail figurines. (I get email notices with pictures of local sales.) Love that doll trunk !

  3. Donna, awesome finds. I love the quilts and that piggy bank bottle is a very cool find. Enjoy your trip!!

  4. Great stuff! Love it all and I would have bought everything myself too!


  5. I don't think I have ever seen any of your piles of finds that wasn't great finds

  6. Enjoy your junkin trip! Hint with the national geographics - if they're from the war years, tear out the ads and sell them individually. Coca Cola ones from WW1 & WW2 go for a pretty penny. Car ads from this era also bring in some good money. Coca Cola ads up to the 60s can be worth money too, just not as much as the war era ones. I've been hunting and hunting to buy boxes of them from those eras! :)

  7. I love the "Hope" sign. That was our realtor's last name! Love the baby shoes! Those have been on my list for a very long time! I found some on our junkin' trip in Ridge Spring! A white leather pair and a pink bootie-like pair. What a treat! We had a great time!


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