Sunday, July 31, 2016


quick makeover, basket
What a pretty Miss Basket!

She is my Quickies makeover for today.

You may remember her from my auction buys.

Warped, decrepit.

Boasted a genuine rat's nest inside.

No one wanted her, but did they notice?

She's a genuine antique!

Always inspect the canes used to weave and the bottom.

Her bottom is a thick piece of wood. 

Not passing judgment or anything.

She needed a good hosing for two reasons:  the dirt and the warping. 

After soaking the basket, I pushed and pulled her back into shape.

Here she is basking in the sun to dry.

Used Rust-Oleum Fossil in Satin spray paint.

She needed her handle repaired.

Lightly sprayed the bottom to let some of the patina show.

Snipped off the unraveled pieces.

Used a torn cotton ribbon to Mod Podge around the handle.

A quick and easy fix.

After - a beauty of a basket - a quick trans- formation.

Perfect for porch sitting.

See y'all!


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  1. That's beautiful Donna! Love how you transformed it! I'm going to have to remember your mending trick for the handle.

  2. I'm a basket lover and am SO glad you rescued this sweetie. Love the design woven into the side. Just how DO you determine if it's an oldie or not ? I mean, I can have a good guess, but sometimes I'm just not sure and I'm looking for one thing that will tell me for sure.

  3. Great little makeover. I like that she's a little warped and that you took the time to save her! She's beautiful now!


  4. I want a basket like that in my life ♥

  5. Nice recycling! I always see hundreds of baskets at the various thrift stores.

  6. You are such a basket whisper lol!!!! You transformed her back to pretty.
    Hugs Donna have a great new week.

  7. Love her! I have used jute wrapped around to fix a handle. I like the ribbon/mod podge idea too.

  8. A basking basket! Good save!

  9. Great job of getting her back in shape ... love the color.

  10. Who knew that you could reshape a warped basket? Thanks for the tip, Donna!

  11. Your basket turned out beautiful! I would never thought about replacing the handle parts with cotton ribbon. Love love this idea! I will keep it in mind for future baskets.

    xo Dianne

  12. what a find, I love the basket and the color!!! Great job!


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