Thursday, July 28, 2016

Estate Sale #1

estate sales, vintage finds, Thermos, Aladdin, Coke crates
Estate Sale #1 was advertised as a living estate sale. 

Held by a couple who moved all their antique store merchandise here from Missouri.

Then they decided to sell it all.

And they were serious about getting rid of everything.

Two Coca-Cola crates.

That rusty something - looks like a fireplace fender.


Metal Pepsi bottle carrier.

The display shelf was created from an old sewing machine cabinet. 

It is the base where the machine locks in.

Idea for Melissa of Melissa's Antiques.

A tin of small billiard balls.

A large rusty tin.

A tool caddy.

Two baskets - one signed by the maker.

When I expressed interest in a Thermos, they insisted on unpacking as many as they could round up.

I ended up with nine.

The blues and gold - both Thermos and Aladdin.

The reds.

The dark red and silver one is an Icy/Hot made by Thermos.

Fall's coming - bring out the apples.

A beautiful pottery one.

A cheerful wooden one which opens up.

A stack of music sheets framed in glass.

Walking up from the street, this caught my eye.

A leftover piece of a folding table.

Great patina.

Tiny metal casters.

A project piece. 

A mission oak coat rack.

A large luggage rack.

Two balcony posts from an old house.

Most of these items are now in my booths at Riverfront Antique Mall.

More but no time to photograph it all.

As I drove away, the two were still flagging me down with more merchandise.

The funny thing was I did not plan to go to this sale at all.

It was off the route I had planned for the day.

I only went because it started at 7AM - an hour before any of the others.


See y'all!


  1. Nice haul!! Those thermoses are fabulous! I have never seen the blue ones.

  2. You must have had a ball there! Love the thermoses but those coke crates are pretty sweet also. More of your sales please!!

  3. You didn't mention the mirrored tray beneath the thermoses -- I love those and always pick them up if they are a decent price! Great goodies! You were definitely in the right place at the right time!

  4. I'm an early riser and think that all sales should start at 7! I went by one the other day and the sign said that it opened at 1:00. 1:00?!?! They must have had a wild night :-)

  5. Hope you got all the good junk for a good price! I usually don't go if they say they are "antique dealer's sales"! Most of the time too high!

  6. I always DREAM of sales like this one! And... SO GLAD I saved the bits and pieces from taking apart several sewing machines this summer. Thanks for the idea! :)

  7. Looks like you made the right decision to go to that early sale. Really, really great stuff for your shop. The leftover piece of a folding table would have caught my eye too. Anxious to see what you do with it.

  8. I love the pop crates, I had a few and put casters on them. They are a fabulous organizing tool.

  9. Isn't it odd how the unplanned sales often turn out to be the best ones? I love it when you buy enough for multiple blog posts. Looking forward to round 3!

  10. What a haul! You hit Thermos Heaven! We'll be going to your booth on Sunday before visiting my niece in N. Augusta. So much to do! See you soon!

  11. Lovely finds! They were right to open early!


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