Friday, July 15, 2016

Friday Finds

Horror Monster outdoor items, rust, decluttering
Good patina.

Bad patina.

This week finds me corralling items from Horror Monster's Outdoor Living section so the house could be pressure washed.

Some items went straight to trash.

No kidding!

Others were piled in the backyard to sort through to see which items make the cut to return to the patio.

My pots of moss and succulents will definitely be returning.

How to keep your moss happy?

Either strain off the liquid from plain yogurt or feed it buttermilk.


Glider and primitive table are keepers.

They may need makeovers.

The items on the front porch which is really just a glorified stoop were piled out in the yard.

Again some went straight to trash.

Some may be sold.

I have more than one of these blue equipment boxes so one may go.

Or may not.

The giant hose reel where I hang my wreaths is staying.

I have downsized by half my collection of watering cans.

So these will stay.

Need cleaning, but not going anywhere.

The rusty feeder is the last of an assortment of them.

Hide my garden tools inside.

Always envisioned a long mudroom with several of the feeders with cushions on top against the wall.

Sit, remove shoes, drop them inside.

Michael has been outside for about fifteen years. 

He is now distressed enough to come inside.

Once Michael was a garish red, tan and black painted chalkware.

Once he had arms.

Now he has character.

As for the bad patina on the house?

All gone.

Thanks to Jackie who found me Michael, the pressure washer.

He's an angel!

See y'all!


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  1. Lots of rusty treasures!! Love your watering cans! Excited for our fun day of shopping!

  2. What a job! Must feel great to be clean and organized :) Hope you have a great week-end, Donna--

  3. Just the job of moving would've been exhausting enough, but the patio looks great. Good thing Michael has wings since he has no arms.

  4. I bet it feels great to have the patio power washed and now you can decorate with all your neat treasures. I love that cherub that is looking up. What a sweet treasure.
    Have a great week end.

  5. Lots and lots of fun treasures! Guess what? I'm STILL holding up my "no shopping" in July! And, still no desire to shop. And you know what? I have to fill a new booth starting Aug 1st with nothing but stuff I already have. I think I can do it! ;)

  6. I would love to find a neat old glider for my front porch. Had one once and sold it to a friend ... now wish I had it back. You have enough stuff sitting out that you could have a nice yard sale. Love the old rusty wood stove finial sitting on the green cart ... cart looks great too. Power washing makes everything so much better. Have a great week-end.
    Audrey Z.

  7. Looking good, will you be showing pictures of the patio once you put stuff back? I hope so!


  8. You do have quite the collection of rust! I want to rummage through it all but then you're not selling!!! I wouldn't either....

  9. Lots of neat things! The patio looks so clean! Great job Michael!

    xo Dianne

  10. I am going to get a pressure washer and do my red brick house soon as all the roads constructions are done behind me

    It so fun seeing your treasures

  11. Love Michael, the chalk man! I found a few treasures the last few days. Maybe I actually need to start blogging again! Vacation plans have solidified...will message you privately!

  12. Donna I just LOVE reading your posts and seeing your treasures! Your sense of humor is awesome and it is fun to see how your sort everything out. Your patio looks amazing and I keep going back the feeder and how your envision them in a mudroom - wonderful. Hope your summer is going well my friend and I will be in touch again soon! Take care!

  13. Instead of St Michael the Archangel, you have St Michael de Milo! I absolutely cannot imagine what shape something must be in for you to set it out for the trash.

  14. Finally found someone who likes buttermilk. Good old fern.


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