Friday, July 22, 2016

Friday Finds

vintage dolls, estate sale, vintage finds
An estate sale last Saturday was hidden right in the middle of Aiken.

An old game reserve for a once grand hotel in the 1930's.

A cottage packed with bottles, books, and dolls.

WARNING: If you were a bit disturbed by the dolls in yesterday's post, just wait until you see the ones from this sale!

A Carom board in the box with all the pieces and instruction booklet.

A brown wooden donkey flower pot holder.

I could not even imagine how many dolls were in this house - all old.

A pair of Canadian sailor dolls.

These are keepers for now.

Especially the cute small one.

A doll I have not ever come across.

A cloth body with pressed tin head and shoulders.

I think I love her.

The rubber baby doll had been exposed to high heat at some point but his head is fine.

Two torsos.

Miss Kewpie looks a bit afraid of her companions.

Yes, four more heads.

The last two heads.

I know I love the head (only half) on the left.

Both are definitely my style. 

A bottle brush tree with mercury glass beads. 

Two Avon powder tins.

There had to be hundreds of Avon bottles and jars.

Plus hundreds of bottles of every description. 

A print of a girl practicing first aid on her dog.

A black lunchbox.

Reading textbooks.


Field guides to birds.

Stacks of gospel and chorus books.

Maybe I can use this first aid manual on my dolls!

Yes, I caved.

Yes, I bought.

Yes, I am out of my junk funk.

Yes, I've got my junk groove back.

Yes, I will go out hunting this weekend.

There are five estate sales and two auctions. 

Decisions must be made.

Routes must be carefully timed.

Money must be spent.

It's junk-loving time.

See y'all!


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  1. 5 sales? woo hoo. You are so lucky. Nothing good going on by me this weekend.

  2. Congrats for getting out of your funk. I am still savoring time not committed to junking! :)

  3. I'm still committed to my "no junk" diet, but there is a sidewalk sale at the comic shop tomorrow,so I will be hitting that. I think the tin-faced doll is the ringleader of the demonic disembodied heads. You need to be careful. Lock them up at night and hide the cats. You might need to post every day from now on so that I know that your soul hasn't been eaten.

  4. Wow! A junk bonanza~ those doll parts are so you! I do like the one with the tin head but the little sailors are oh so cute! 5 sales this weekend, can't wait to see what you find. Drink lots of water it's hot out there!

  5. You have tooo much fun is all I can say

  6. Glad you are out of your funk! I had one of those thrifting days where every sale was a bust. I finally gave up but I will try again! Actually at a barn sale tomorrow morning! Happy hunting this weekend!

  7. I am going to One estate sale tomorrow as I shouldn't be out BUYING at all! The family room is filled with STUFF!
    Happy hunting.

  8. You always score that blue quilt. Estate sales out my way are usually on the high side. Maybe I should start going to a few more.

  9. Love your finds. Love those dolls. Di

  10. Remember we'll be there in Aiken on Thursday late afternoon. Any leads on estate sales or other things would be appreciated starting on Friday morning. Is there a place to look for these things online? Still need your phone number to make plans to meet up (lunch?)! Fonda

  11. I'm jealous! So much fun and very cool finds...I can't wait for fall to go digging around.


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