Thursday, July 21, 2016

Linda, Lunch, & Junk Love

blog friends, thrift shopping, vintage finds, Boll Weevil CafeCome on in and sit a spell.

This is a tale of Linda (from A La Carte), a delicious lunch, and loads of junk love.

Linda drove down for a day of hunting and sold me four chairs.

Just needed a bit of tightening and polishing.

She also gave me a few gifts.

A tole tissue holder, old culottes pattern, and a Nancy Drew. 

Included was this Marriage Manual from the 1930's.

Chucks and I have been rolling in the floor reading the "professional" advice.

It seems we have been doing it wrong all this time!

At Market Place Antiques on Broad Street in Augusta my eyes went straight to the old dolls in the glass hurricane.

Lucky for me the dealer was working that day and sold me the display.

This little guy is my favorite.

A group photo.

Now I have to try and get them artfully arranged back into the glass hurricane for the mantel.

Yes, some think they are creepy, but I love doll parts.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's post.

Four large tin tiles with pink and green patina plus.

A frosty blue "Z" - I think it was part of an ice cream sign.

Linda and I hit three thrift stores after the antique store.

One red plaid Thermos.

One red plaid Aladdin picnic set.

A brass trio of Chinese boys ready to hold a pot or bowl.

A French textbook.

A French Berlitz.

A French dictionary.

Love the black and white illustrations in the French dictionary.

Two translation dictionaries.

One Danish to English.

One English to Italian.

One Speak Hebrew translation dictionary. 

As you see it is already quite at home with my other translation dictionaries so it has found its forever home.

A tiny bookshelf made for the tiny Potter books. 

I have a set of the books, but I may not be ready to part with them.

A large lovely green basket filled with fourteen Hardy Boys books from 1961 to 1963 in great condition.

Another shopper asked me if I knew I was buying old books.


I bought Michael a small rosary to wear since he now lives inside the house.

After the thrift stores, Linda and I returned to Riverfront Antique Mall to shop.  We covered just about the whole place before the doors were locked for the night.

Linda found some great treasures - she will be sharing them soon.

As for lunch?

We ate at Boll Weevil Cafe - delicious sandwiches. (Facebook page)

We celebrated the removal of her gall bladder and her birthday with a sinful coffee toffee dark chocolate cake with whipped cream and raspberry drizzle.

Such a huge piece the two of us could not finish it - Linda took the remains home with her.

Too embarrassed to take a photo of that piece of cake.

Such a wonderfully fun day.

See y'all!


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  1. I'm still jealous, but I'm glad you all had a good time. That shelf is cute, but it looks too small to hold harry Potter books. mean Beatrix Potter! Well, never mind.

  2. I sure love that little book shelf for your Potter books! So adorable! You made a fine haul!

  3. How fun to meet up with Linda and have a great day like that. OMG you found some wonderful treasures. Love those chairs you got from Linda too.

  4. We had so much fun and I found some great things I'll be sharing soon! Oh that cake, I truly think it was the best chocolate cake I've ever had! The leftovers were good the next day! I'm happy the chairs will find a new home. I need something sturdy with my two Grands climbing on everything. Can't wait until we have another junkin day this Fall?? Hugs!!

  5. Oh what a fun day you had! Glad not to see the cake I couldn't eat lol. I am one of those who thinks dolls and their parts can be creepy, can't help it. :)

    Thanks for sharing your great day and finds with us.

  6. What a great time you two had!!! Great treasues, junk, lunch and friendship....doesn't get any better!!! Love that Linda. I'm so happy you got to spend some time with her.


  7. Oh, how I would have loved to join the two of you! You must have had the best time junking and eating that cake! Jane Flora Doora

  8. What a fun day and great finds! Love the dolls in the glass hurricane....very unique display! I am a fan of the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew. Your name Michael for your angel is perfect.....Michael, the movie happens to be a favorite of mine. Coffee, toffee, dark chocolate cake........what could be better?! Thanks for sharing your treasures.
    How's the weather your way? Hotter than Hades here in Ohio!

  9. Wow ... you ladies sure had a lot of fun and looks like you found a lot of interesting stuff. That cake sure sounds delicious.

  10. Two friends having a really great time ! Great stuff too.

  11. How fun! Sounds like you guys had a great day :o) I love doll parts too but I gotta say that one on the right creeps me out! ha ha!


  12. Looks like you 2 had a blast! :)

  13. Now that is a fun day of thrifting and eating! You found some unique stuff. Not sure yet how I feel about the doll parts!

  14. Love your doll parts in a hurricane! I saw some great doll part projects at a neat store in Virginia called Petersburg Pickers. I looked at the Facebook page, and they are in a different building now (and maybe a different concept), and I couldn't find any of the artwork. Darn! Have fun!

  15. Oh, my mom has the same paid Thermos in green. She's been filling it every time we go to visit my grand-mother for Christmas "just in case we're stuck by bad weather" some day... since as long as I can remember.

  16. Sounds like you and Linda had a great day all around.


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