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I thought I would share part of my book haul from last week since several of you are bibliophiles as I am.

Every book lover has reasons certain books appeal to them.

Some are after the true treasures - first editions.

Some collect by author or subject area.

Some like I do collect by appearance and content.

Like this Gentlemen Be Seated book of old minstrel songs.

This book is not politically correct - neither the songs or the illustrations, but the content as a piece of history is interesting.

The bright orange cover is attractive.

Large - 8 1/2 by 11 inches.

Copyright 1928.

It has photographs of minstrel performers and a bit of the history.

Twenty O'clock And Other Droll Stories by Elbert Hubbard.

Small - 6 1/2 by 5 inches.

Published in 1920 by The Roycrofters, East Aurora, New York.

You can spot a Roycrofters book easily by the hand-bound pages and cover.

Also by the font used and the black ink block illustrations.

And last by the edges of the pages.

They are very deckled since the pages were cut by hand.

Lovely pieces of art.

Textbooks are a favorite of mine.

Reading books are at the top of my list, but most older textbooks with interesting covers or contents are bought.

I was attracted to this College Accounting book by the worn cover and the charts inside.

Books from 1900 to 1940 have beautifully designed covers.

Just Folks by Clara E. Laughlin - 1910.

The Shepherd of the Hills by Howard Bell Wright - 1917.

The worn and tattered The Habitant And Other French-Canadian Poems by William Henry - 1903. (English translation)

The Warden by Anthony Trollope - 1906. (Has a Christmas inscription to the recipient.)

Honor Bound by Faith Baldwin - 1934.

You can tell I do love red books!

You might be surprised at the prices for books published in the 1800's.

They can range from $1 to hundreds of dollars, but most are in the $1 to $20 range.


They were published by the thousands and bought by many people.

Here are some of the older books I found.

Poetical Works of Sir Walter Scott, Baronet - 1851.

Lionel St. Clair: Under The Banian Tree by L. A. Moncreiff -around 1860. Love the green and gold cover.

Ray's New Higher Arithmetic by Joseph Ray - 1880.

The Thousand And One Nights Or The Arabian Nights - around 1860.

The Waverley Novels - The Betrothed and The Highland Widow by Sir Walter Scott - 1898.

Okay, we have established one thing in this post - I LOVE books of any sort.  Some of these are keepers, some are just guests, and some are sellers.

I cannot have every book.

I must share!

Are you a bibliophile?

See y'all!


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  1. I love old books too. I like to imagine who has held them and read them. The older, the better!

  2. I love old books also! You do find some of the most interesting one's! I found a great little red book at a thrift and it's a keeper!

  3. I love old books, too. I still read books from the 1940s and 30s. I have favorites that I keep just for the beautiful inscriptions from sweethearts, friends, parents.

  4. Same here. Sometimes I buy them for the color, sometimes the title, but in any case, I usually read all of them. I enjoy the writing of 100 years ago. It's different. It gives us a glimpse into another time in history. But they do use many words that are no longer in use, so I usually wish for a dictionary at my side as I read through the books. I savor the scent of age as I turn each page. I like the imperfection of the ragged-cut edges. I am currently going through boxes and boxes of my father's books. I cannot keep them all, there are hundreds. I wish I knew someone else who loved to read as much as I do. I have given some away to two different friends so far, but they only have room for a handful. Many will probably go to the church rummage sale or the local library.

    1. Hey Patty; I wish that I lived closer to You, as I would gladly buy some of your Books!!! Take Care :-)

  5. I love old books with great titles and illustrated spines (and fronts). I especially care about old books written by women.

  6. How I Love Books...Any Books!!! I Love to read, and to learn new things,(About Anything...Broaden your Horizon :-)
    The Older Books have such Interesting words, and some Illustration's are so pretty and so very different.
    Miss Donna and Chucks; I Hope and Pray that you Folks have been doing well. Take Care :-) XO

  7. I love old books. Maybe I'll become a collector of old books after reading this post.

  8. But of course I am a bibliophile! I always love the illustrations and the graphic design of old books.

  9. What a great old book haul. I love finding ones with hand cut pages. I usually buy for the author or the subject, but once in a while the illustrations will get me too.

  10. Donna, I am raising my hand! Yes, I am a bibliophile! I love old books. I usually keep the Roycroft books as they are like pieces of art. I love the ones you found.

    xo Dianne


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