Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Booth Update

arranging a resell booth
What a wretched mess of a booth!

My small Booth C-23 at Riverfront Antique Mall was quite the sight.

Last Tuesday I spent seven hours pulling everything out, dusting, and sweeping.

Smalls had been piled haphazardly. 

Time for a new look.

Every item was rearranged.

I even had room to add the Everlasting and Vintage bookshelf (now sold) and the matching cabinet.

The white dot on the floor is the limit for outside space.

Much more attractive.

I rolled up a huge canvas hanging and replaced it with a wall of smalls.

The leaves are down on the round table adding feet of space.

Neat stacks!

My favorite vignette.

Drapery pleater hooks are great for hanging items on the chicken wire.

Did it stay this neat?

Well, no, I had to straighten it on Sunday.

Did you have a chance to come over to the blog hop on Friday?

It was mega-fun to see all the lists and have readers chime in with great things to add to our lists.

You can go HERE to find a complete list of all the bloggers who participated.

The countdown to the farm sale is here.  I am busy tagging items and sorting through Horror Monster, my beloved stash, to find interesting items to take with me.

See y'all!

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  1. Nice pileup, Donna (before) and cleanup (after). Yours is the kind of booth everyone loves digging in.

  2. Messy means lots of people have been visiting. That's a good thing. :-)

  3. I do love a messy booth - it is usually a very good thing! :)

  4. Messy or cleaned up it looks awesome. You have some great treasures for sale.
    Have a great week.

  5. Are all those trophy cups original, or did you make them look like that? Fabulous.

  6. A messed up booth means sales! Your booth redo looks great and I like the swag of burlap. Looks like some great treasures in there.


  7. It looks great and I know you have to rearrange all the time because of sales!! I knew that old bookshelf wouldn't last long in there!

  8. I actually like a messy booth to dig in but not so messy that I can't get to the treasures. Lucky for me the place I rent my booth from has the working girl straighten everyone's booth at the end of the day!

  9. It looks great Donna, but I bet it is difficult to keep it looking neat and tidy. I still wish I lived close enough to pop in and browse every week or two!

  10. It looks great Donna! I'm about ready to redo my small space too.


  11. Your booth looks lovely and can be a lot of work. I've no regrets closing mine..Take this the right way so glad I don't like close cause I would be buying a lot! Rearranging makes all the difference in the world...

  12. Dust? Sweep? I'm confused.

    (Even as a "wretched mess" your booth looks worlds better than mine after three weeks of redo!)

    Looking forward to your farm sale stories. I hope it's wonderful for you!

  13. Looks great Donna. Lots of work, but well worth it. Looking forward to your both at the Magnolia Ridge farm sale. I know you will have some really neat stuff to sell. Best of luck. Wish I could come.

  14. Looking good! I can so relate, I have completely redone my cabin at the market....ten days until opening and I still have lots to do!

  15. Your booth is looking good. I see a lot of great things in there. Love that big old floral painting.

  16. Nice booth. I know that re-arranging will be a constant in the booth. As things sell you will have to redo for the new items.


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