Friday, April 22, 2016

Friday Finds

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I bragged to some of you last weekend about NOT buying one thing for days.

Well, that streak ended this past Tuesday when I went on a Low Country Crawl with my niece Leia for her birthday.

This is an annual event so I really could not turn it down.

We shopped at four thrift shops and one antique mall between Summerville and North Charleston, SC.

A lime green rubber kangaroo and a tiny pink ceramic something (bunny?).

Both need cleaning.

A great assortment of baskets.

An old straw hat.

Stacks of books.

Bags of rusty springs.

Round Italian floral tray.

Black floral tray.

More baskets.

Assorted kitchen gadgets.

Small plant stand.

And that is all of the smalls.

Leia also purchased a few items for baby shower decor and prizes.

Now for the biggies!

We hit one thrift store right when they were pulling out all the furniture from the back.

This mauve bookshelf caught my eye.

I claimed it.

A mauve cabinet.

I claimed it.

Two Pennsylvania House end tables.

I claimed them both.

By this time the furniture manager was standing beside me writing sales tickets as the workers hauled out stuff. 

Remember I was 130 miles from home and had to take everything with me.

Then a guy rolled this right up to me and said he knew I wanted this primitive chest.


Another customer tried to take this away from me, but the manager told him it was on my ticket.


Two large mirrors.

This particular thrift store is unlike other stores. They insist on loading your items.

All of this fit into the back of the Old Coffin Carrier (My S-10 Blazer - she is 20 years old this week!) 


Leia, the manager, and I fit it all together like a jig saw puzzle.

I did have to bungee cord the back window to close a two-inch gap.

And Leia and I were a bit squeezed in the front seats.

Off we went for a delicious long lunch (Mexican) and solved all the problems in our lives and the world.

Then I started home.

Anyone who has traveled Highway 61 between Bamberg and Highway 17 knows it is mostly desolate.

Which means you can fly.

Like 65 MPH or more fly.

So how did I end up with the mauve cabinet in the front passenger seat?

As I was cruising at a high altitude speed, a car coming toward me kicked something up in the air.

Came down under my car.


Instant flat.

I drifted over until I was half off the road.

This iron rod was the culprit.

It is seven inches long!

The hottest day so far this year - 93F in the shade.

Swamp on the left of me.

Swamp on the right of me.

I waited for over an hour.

Thank goodness for AAA who figured out where I was. (There are few landmarks on this stretch of highway.)

Thank you, Phillips Towing (Ruffin, SC) and Benny for finding me and changing the tire.

I had to move the pink cabinet to the front seat so the flat tire would fit in the back of the truck.

The tire was gone and the others needed to be replaced.

I hope all that load will pay for a new set of tires!

(This was the first blow-out I have ever had.)

See y'all!

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  1. What a haul! I'm glad you maneuvered you car to safety when you had the blowout. Very scary. Can't wait to see what you do with your finds.

  2. Hey Donna,
    I've been trying to catch up on all your great posts. It's been a busy week. Love all your finds but I'm sorry to hear about the blow out disaster. I'm glad that you are safe. Oh, the things we do on junkin haunts!


  3. Thank goodness you had control of your truck from the blow out. Whew, that is scary! What's also scary is someone trying to take something you've claimed! Glad the manager chimed in! Wouldn't want to be in that situation with you. What an adventure! Great haul - but then again, all of your hauls are great!

  4. I went into an antique mall yesterday and they had a booth full of things that had Distressed Donna written all over then! Painted berry baskets with stencils, rusty old iron gates with dyed ribbon tied to them, so many things! I think someone locally must be reading your blog and stealing your ideas! :-)

  5. What GREAT goodies you found, as usual! I'm going to an estate sale this morning, and another later...hope I am just as lucky. Blowouts are scary. We've had two on our RV and people on the highway wouldn't slow down or move over when we were trying to change the tires. No fun !

  6. I am so glad you are ok, that metal rod is just crazy, it could have gone through the windshield!!! LOVE the mauve cabinet!

  7. Looks like some wonderful finds. So glad that flat did not make you lose control and you are ok. Love that little chest that you made sure did not get away from you.
    Happy Friday.

  8. First off, great haul! Second... I'm CONVINCED we are car problem sisters or something. I JUST took my truck into the dealership last night, because one tire was abnormally low. They tested it for an hour and couldn't find the leak. They want me to bring it back in so they can test it for several hours. At least it's not The Beast... although she tried to trick me on Saturday. Her check engine light came on, so I stopped to get the code checked. Then, the next day, her light was not on when I drove her!

  9. What a fun junkin day and wowsers to the awesome furniture. Boo to the blow out. I have had a couple and they can be quite scary. Glad you made it home safely. Now sell that stuff and get new tires!

  10. Sounds like a nearly perfect day! sorry about the tire...just glad you didn't lose control and have an accident. That was a big iron rod to go through a tire! You found some great favorites are the two trays and the mauve bookshelf. Have a great weekend!

  11. Wonderful finds, especially the furniture pieces(love the antique chest and mirrors).
    Glad you safely stopped with your tire.

  12. Well THAT sucks about the blow-out!! My mom and I had one once on our way to an antique show, they can be kind of scary!

    Great finds, can't wait to see the furniture pieces all cleaned up and ready to sell!


  13. Those blow outs are so scary! Only had it happen once. My battery died the other day on my way out thrifting. How dare those tires and batteries interrupt our mission in life!! Thought of you today as I power painted and stenciled things to sell :-) You hit the jackpot at that sale!

  14. The blow-out ... pretty scary. Glad you were able to safely stop your car. Looks like you made some friends at the Thrift store and got all that nice furniture. Love the primitive chest ... HAH! ... glad you had it on your ticket and someone to back you up. Makes me want to go shopping.

  15. You are so lucky the hunk of metal didn't fly thru the windshield. Wow. Glad it all turned out ok. Loved that chest!

  16. You are lucky you did not have an accident. And glad it went under the vehicle and not through the window.

  17. That's the worst feeling! I'm glad that it didn't fly thru the were lucky. Good old AAA saved our sons butt the other day, too. I am feeling jealous and hungry after reading about your leisure lunch with Leia. ;)

  18. Great haul! Thank goodness you're safe and sound. Sounds like it could've been much worse.

  19. I'm interested in how you repurpose that iron rod....

  20. The primitive chest had to be for you, it's gorgeous.


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