Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Blue, Primitive, Chalky

Americana Decor Chalky Paint, distressed table, primitives, chalkboard
The little brown table is now blue, primitive and chalky.

On purpose!

Remember the table once used as a giant puppy chew toy?

A hand sander worked its magic to smooth out the splintered bits.

I left the holes for character.

The table cleaned up great.

The plywood top was furniture grade so it was already smooth enough for chalkboard paint.

Americana Decor Chalky Paint in Serene Blue.

Followed by Americana Decor Ultra Matte varnish.

One coat paint.

Two coats varnish.

Only the legs and the table skirt were painted.

Used black chalkboard paint.

No primer needed - the paint acts as a primer on most surfaces.

One coat vertical.

One coat horizontal.

One coat vertical.

Three coats in all.

Drying in the sun.

Read the directions on the can as to how long to let it dry between coats.

Used the Distress Stain in Brushed Pewter for the edges.

Up close and in person you can tell the difference.

I promise!

I did not wish to drag the table inside to stencil.

BUT I did want to stencil.

BUT it was a very windy day.

Extreme amounts of blue tape required.

When lettering I start with the middle letter and work out to either side.

I have an obsession about the letter and number stencils.

I fill in the gaps.

I also shadow around the edges - used metallic pewter craft paint.



Notice I added a highlight to each letter. 

Condition in each direction.

Careful to use the soft side of a piece of chalk.

Use a soft cloth to erase the top.

It's blue.

It's primitive.

It's chalky.

Available in Booth W-10, Riverfront Antique Mall, North Augusta, SC.

See y'all!

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  1. Very cute! I love the blue color and a chalk top, perfect!


  2. Love the chalkboard top and I am a huge fan of blue.

  3. How fun! And I love how you fill in and highlight the letters...great look!

  4. Thanks for sharing you oh-so-creative chalky table at Talk of the Town.

  5. Sweet little table, Donna. I'm surprised that you didn't screw on some sort of chalk holder thing-a-ma-bob.
    You have the best thing-a-ma-bobs.
    I feel like painting something now. :)

  6. I love chalkboard paint on anything, and you're table turned out awesome! Thanks so much for sharing it at Vintage Charm.

  7. blue ... primitive ... chalky ... cute!


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