Friday, April 15, 2016

Friday Finds

vintage finds, junk shopping, thrift store
This past week I had a list. 

Surprise, surprise!

I only bought the things on my list.

The junk gods smiled upon me.

A small bench.

Covered in Contact paper, but that can be remedied.

Some rusty tin.

Found and bought this cone.

Needs a handle.

Boards that I do not have to cut to make a few signs.

This beadboard reminds me of writing tablets.

There may be blackboard paint involved.

Two galvanized trays.

Cleaning and waxing.

Maybe a stencil.

Wanted something lacy.

Found this bridal veil.

Found this bridal veil.

This one with a head piece.

Found a wedding dress.

These are vintage - probably from the 1960's, but not of great quality. 

Perfect for decorating a mirror or window.

Brass record stand.

I had one similar.

Record player on top, Tiger Beat magazines on the shelf and albums stored on the bottom. 

This style stand makes a great plant stand. 

Something blue and primitive.

A rolling tool chest.

Scrubbing and waxing.

Hinges reset.

This particular junk shop loads your purchases for you.

I really did not want the contents, but I got them anyway. 

It was in the truck before I even had a chance to pay!

After going through the contents, I am so glad I did not toss them.

Lots of interesting old tools and parts.

My favorite is the pair of metal gripper heels to strap onto shoes.

Yes, my dear customers who have been leaving notes about finding windows.

They are in Booth W-10 waiting for new homes. 

Someone was scoping out that pretty aqua one.

A basket with a coat of many colors.

A small book of Lincoln's Devotionals.

Jars were a bargain at the thrift store and I needed them for sorting junk.

If you watched the Masters golf tournament last weekend, you know what kind of weather we had.

Chilly with high winds.

No painting with pollen filling the air.

I was so proud of myself.

Wrote a list.

Hunted for two days.

Came home with only items on the list. 

Happy Hunting this weekend.

See y'all!

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  1. Good morning Donna. Wow you got some good finds. Love the record stand and the plant stand. Those bead boards for signs are going to awesome. You find the best treasures.
    Happy Friday

  2. How good of you to stick to your list. And how lucky for you that the junking gods supplied you with all the items on your list!! :)

  3. Great finds, I love old tools. They sell well for me, and they are so interesting. Love the box they came in too!

  4. Next time you need to distress a table top, put on those gripper heels and do a jig on it. Time saver.
    You and I probably read the same Tiger Beats.
    What's the status of the coffin hauler, or whatever its formal name is?

  5. Good finds! Love that you had a list and kept to it. I am waiting for the winds to die down before painting a shelf for my bedroom. I have more pink pottery and goodies to showcase!

  6. I can see projects in the making! Looking forward to them!

  7. Ooh you did find some goodies! My favorite is the rolling tool chest! And I was a Tiger Beat fan, too...

  8. You really had all that on your list and found it !!! I will take the rolling tool chest and contents. Have never seen metal gripper heels to strap onto shoes. Wonder what they were used for? Also, a great collection of nice windows. I can see all these things selling fast for you. Glad you were able to stick with your list. I likely could not do that.
    Audrey Z.

  9. You must be very proud of yourself, sticking to your list and only your list :) I'm in deep love with the primitive blue chest!!!!!!

  10. Love that fabulous old chest full of awesome junk! I probably had that exact record stand and I'd actually like one back now to display my records from my youth that I still have. I've never seen gripper heels.

  11. Good for you Donna! I love the rolling tool chest.


  12. That rolling chest is divine. Reminds me of the one Chablis and I re-did a few years ago.

  13. Donna, great finds! I love the tool chest.

  14. Oh I like the wedding veil and wedding dress. I wish I still had ones to make a fancy pillow
    Your finds were all good ones this trip

  15. I love the veils and wedding dresses too. I could kick myself that I finally got rid of mine after keeping it for 25 years. At the time, I didn't know you could do other things with them, but I probably wouldn't have had the heart to cut it up anyway. Love all your finds and the old rusty crusty man stuff!

  16. Great finds! Love the rolling tool bench, the color is perfect too!
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!

  17. All I can say is, "Wow!" What a haul and perfect that you found everything on your list. Congrats!


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