Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Sap Buckets - Galvanized

Buckets, Krylon, make over, galvanized lookI wanted galvanized sap buckets, but could only find shiny metal ones.

Used Matte Gray Krylon spray and heavy duty nitrile gloves to create the galvanized look.

Spray the sap bucket.

Then while very wet use your fingers to press all around the surface.

WARNING: This is messy!  Use gloves that will not tear.

Used two coats of gesso.

Stamped each with my cheeky cherub stamp.

Needed something else.

The cherub is thinking what the heck is she doing now?

Stamped Hope, Believe, Trust on each.

Distressed with a metallic pewter.

I love this stuff in every color!

A pale pink tulle bow and the sap bucket is ready to go.

See y'all!

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  1. Love this. I have been wanting to upcycle some shiny silver trays to make them look galvanized. Will try this method with those. Where did you find the sap buckets?

    1. Michelle, you are a "no reply" commenter so I will answer your questions here. I have used this method with the dollar silver trays at the Dollar Tree with success. The sap buckets are from Hobby Lobby.

  2. Nice way to use those buckets. Does your brain ever shut off? I think not. Love the added tulle to the cheeky cherub...perfect little touch.
    xo, T.

  3. Wow to the change in these sap buckets. So cute and you are so clever!

  4. Love your sap buckets. Great for long stemmed flowers or twigs. They should sell really fast at your shop or Magnolia Ridge art gathering.

  5. You just keep whipping out these projects! You're going to have quite the selection for magnolia ridge!

  6. Love this tip, Donna ~ thanks for sharing!

  7. The buckets turned out so cute Donna! The stamped words were just what they needed. Last fall in New England I found a place that had tons of time worn sap buckets for only $3 each. Would loved to have brought a bunch home. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  8. Those buckets are amazing! I love them and I am sure they will sell fast!

    xo Dianne

  9. I love your buckets.

    Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  10. I never knew you could faux galvanize. How awesome! Your buckets look great. I've pinned this post so I can refer to it later. Thanks for the tip!

  11. Love your cheeky cherub buckets! Just popping back in to say thanks so much for sharing at Vintage Charm.


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