Thursday, April 21, 2016


painting a chalkboardI must admit to a certain chalkboard- dom.

So many chalkboards, yet here goes another.

This started life as an ale house sign with the hours open for your drinking pleasure.

The letters had been peeled off leaving a nasty residue. 

Several sheets of sandpaper gave their lives in the conquest.

The back and the frame painted in Serene Blue - Americana Decor Chalky Paint. 

Followed by two coats of Americana Decor Ultra Matte varnish.

No compensation - I genuinely love these two products.

Three coats of black chalkboard paint.

Condition the board with chalk.

It is a chalkboard.




It pairs nicely with the table from yesterday's post. 

Available at Booth W-10.

So I think I will call this  chalkboardness instead of chalkboard-dom.

More chalkboards at a later date.


I will let you relax a bit...

See y'all!

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  1. Very nice! I must try the chalkboard paint. I have cheated and used the roll of chalkboard "paper", which works very well. It is expensive though!

  2. Always love a good chalkboard, Donna!

  3. Good job Donna. Love the arched top. That will sell quickly.


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