Friday, April 8, 2016

Friday Finds

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I had to scrape around the living room to find some finds for you today.

I have not shopped much this past week. 

The Masters Golf Tournament is in town so it is a constant trip to the antique mall to keep the booth stocked with smalls for the visitors in town.

Easy to carry = easy to buy!

This stool is probably past its use for sitting but perfect for a huge fern.

It is a sage green - looks gray in the booth.

A lace tablecloth - great for displays.

A jar to be filled with smalls.

An English biscuit tin.

I found a stack of unfinished hat boxes all for one price and then 75% OFF!

Could not resist even though I did not need another project to finish.

From Horror Monster's Attic Treasures section came these three lamps.

Two brass ones.

(Yes, I know you can barely see them, but Chucks was in a rush to go and there was no second chance photography.) 

The six-foot wooden lamp was handmade by a relative's great grandfather.

It is an unwanted orphan due to its height.

All three available in Booth W-10.

At the 75% off sale I found this primitive, but new, table.

Of course it will get painted to add patina to it.

It had been a puppy chew toy at some point in its life.

I am sure the thrift shop thought I was insane when I bugged them about wanting this box.

It is a vintage Ivory soap box.

Contained a gross (144) of personal size bars.

This was why I wanted it.

For years Proctor and Gamble's logo was the Man in the Moon with thirteen stars to represent the thirteen original colonies.

Decades ago there was a ridiculous accusation that this was a Satanic symbol.

P&G decided to change their logo to avoid the controversy.

I have some ideas to preserve parts of the box.

Okay, not exciting finds, but unexpected.

I hang out behind the liquor store on Monday nights to pick up boxes if I need them. 

One of the clerks came out with more boxes as I was selecting the ones to fit my items.

He invited me to take as many as possible.

I laughingly said what I wanted was the Coca Cola crates stacked against the building.

Surprisingly he said take all I wanted - they had been there for the Coke guy to pick up for a few weeks.

So I did.

I will not reveal how many I got.

But I will admit to being greedy! 

Two of my favorite dealers at the mall are leaving.

There is sale going on in their booth.

I picked out this article on Hazford Rupert LXXXI (81st).

The most famous Hereford bull to ever sire a calf.

He died in 1947 after fathering a line of calves worth over a million dollars.

Of course that does not sound like much these days.

But remember old Rupert had to sire those calves the old-fashioned way!

The rusty crusty old enamelware jug and the military torn and tattered backpack.

The jug needs cleaning and waxing and some daisies.

The bag needs a little more bling.

Happy Hunting to you.

See y'all!

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  1. What I learned from this post is that I am not hanging out in back of the liquor store and I need to start doing it.

  2. As I was scrolling through all your finds I was thinking where does she come up with all this stuff ? LOL

  3. I have been hanging out behind the liquor store, but for the wrong reasons.
    (Love that you're preserving the Ivory box.)

  4. Hey that huge floor lamp is pretty cool!! I cracked up over the 'hanging out behind the liquor store'!! Glad you got your boxes and some coke crates. The Ivory box is a gem! I know you are busy busy!

  5. Great finds. How AWESOME to get all those Coke crates. I would so love some. I sell quite a few Coke items in my booths.

  6. Wow, it pays to say what you might get it!! Lots of goodies here. These were just laying around your living room?!!

  7. Good stuff Donna ... I think the old stool would be a great plant stand. I found a nice vintage rocker I wanted but passed on it because the rocker tips, back and front, had been chewed. Why do dogs chew on furniture?

  8. Oh, I could totally see that bridge lamp! I've been looking for one arund here with no success!

  9. Lots of goodies but I liked the coke crates and the Bull article.

  10. I laughed when you commented that the stool was past its prime. When I retired, I almost left my classroom stool behind. But, at the last minute I grabbed it and am so glad that I did. It has a new life as an end table.

    Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  11. Things I'm quite fond of: the stool in the first photo--she has rather delicate legs and I like them, the bull article--he is rather handsome, and the enamel jug :)

  12. I hang out at the liquor store for boxes all the time. I get the strongest ones there, but I never get crates. What a score! Love the lamps, even the extra tall one. Thanks so much for sharing at Vintage Charm.

  13. Love Hazford Rupert LXXXI. You always find the coolest stuff.


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