Friday, October 30, 2015

Friday Finds

Thrift shop finds, vintage items, Mayer China
Well, folks, this will be the last BIG Friday Finds for awhile.

I have more projects to finish than I have time.


Will I stop hunting for vintage treasures?


I just won't buy as much and I promise to share.

Like this 1940's era bridge table.

You know how much I love forties florals.

She has a lovely folding undercarriage.

Already in Booth C-23.

Another set of ironstone - cups, dessert bowls, and bread plates.

Light blue with a darker blue stripe.

Scalloped edges.

Mayer China - Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania.

Hometown of what football star who advertised panty hose?

Sweet baby shoes.

A stack of reference books.

A necklace of vintage buttons.

A brass lantern.

A brass candlestick with angel wings (Etsy - HERE).

A rusty heavy iron candle sconce.

A group of baskets I will be using to display the baby shoe project.

Last year I made door decorations with ice skates.

(Using Ice Skates In The South - read here!) 

This year I plan to just sell the skates and let the customer make her own. 

A large silverplate bowl.

A silverplate golf trophy bowl.

A black and sorta white end table.

A candlestick stand.

Some hymnals.

A nicely framed photo of a bay with biplanes and armored boats.

A rusty pair of mens ice skates.

A "leather" suitcase.

A design book.

A Greek book of paintings of country churches.

A small bird in nest.


Two boxes of reading comprehension flash cards.

The flash cards are for grades 2 to 6.

The first card I pulled from the box was on poker.

<Insert your own joke here> 

I fell in love with the scraggly topiary tree.

It just may be my Christmas tree this year.

Two small stools needing a paint job.

A grapevine star.

To hang on the tree.


Deep in the discounted section of the thrift store was a basket of nativity figures. 


From the 10 and 15 cents prices marked on the bottoms of some, I am guessing late 1940's or 1950's.

Two cows, two donkeys, two shepherds, two angels, three camels, FOUR wisemen, Mary, and Joseph.

And who might be missing?


It is lucky I collect orphaned Baby Jesi because He has gone missing from this set.

It might have something to do with the fourth wiseman or the extra angel.

PS  Joe Namath, poster guy of girl's college dorm rooms in the early seventies, was from Beaver Falls.

Video here. 

<Insert your own joke here>

See y'all!

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  1. I love that scraggly topiary, too, Donna! I think most of us are in a frenzy to get projects done or even start - where did the time go?

  2. Famous last words, "I just won't buy as much".

  3. I found a chalkware nativity scene in the free box at a garage sale last summer. I have found some awesome stuff in the free box. Fortunately, the set I found was complete as I don't have a baby Jesus stash :-)


  4. Great set of finds from you. I'm looking forward to more of your project posts here on the blog, since you claim you'll be slowing down your buying. I'm not ready to slow mine down... but the weather dictates a lot of buying around here. :(

    And PS - I collect all orphaned vintage nativity pieces too :)

  5. Always enjoy your Friday Finds. I know what you mean by cutting back. So hard to do especially if you have a retail outlet for what you buy. Love the old card/bridge table.
    Have a great week.
    Audrey Z.

  6. Really great finds for this week Donna. Love the ice skates and that folding bridge table is awesome. I also love the leather suit case and the baby shoes tooo sweet.
    Happy Halloween.

  7. Great finds and so much to do! I always enjoy seeing your bargains and I must say I love the chalkware nativity and it is a good thing you collect little Jesus figures. What a sweet idea.

  8. Baby shoe project? What have I missed? I love scraggly trees...I find them irresistable.
    Haha- I remember Joe Namath in the pantyhose. I also remember my dad wasn't happy about it! ;)

  9. WOW...what a haul! Love the bridge table, and of course the silver. I have ice skates that I use in Christmas decor and they are one of my most favorite decorations!!

    1. Oh, and call us...we will come give you a quick fix for those DTs. :-)

  10. My mom had (still does?) the same chalk ware nativity set but over the years many animals were broken and tossed. Lucky you have a replacement Jesus!

  11. Great finds Donna! The topiary is so sweet, I love it too :o)


  12. Oh how much will the skates be? Even the mens, could always spray paint them. Have wanted pair for years but never find them here. They make such great decorations for holidays. Need to find an old sled too. Wonder if hubs could make something to resemble a sled enuf to fake it?
    Love that bridge table, love 40's stuff too since I was born in 1940 and we lived in Cleveland.
    Hubs will have to do decorating this year as I'll be having right shoulder replacement on Dec. 7th. Little nervous about it but my ability to do so many things has been cut due to pain, even typing for too long hurts alot. Surgeon said my shoulder has just plum worn out. Can see it on xray. Can also see where right arm was broken all way across in July/98 from roll over accident. Arm didn't mend right so will have to have it fixed some day, (not any time too soon for me). Do have nerve damage in arm so it bothers me too, gets numb and hurts.
    If I Have to have anymore parts replaced will be bionic woman. Already had both knees replaced. Left shoulder xrayed at same time as right, she said it's getting bad also. Poor old parts, just worn out. Getting old is no fun doggone it.
    You always find the neatest stuff, good thing I don't live close to you, would be broke buying so many of your awesome finds.
    Take care and hope you have great weekend

  13. I love the things you found! I here you on having more projects than time. All you have to do is look in my garage, my shop and my container! Yikes! That scares even me thinking about all of it! Happy Halloween!

    xo Dianne

  14. I think the cooler weather and the season winding down might (I said might) help you in your quest to buy less. I save the orphaned baby Jeses too. It always tickles me how many solitary Wise Men and Shepherd and such are out there, lost from their Nativities. Happy Halloween!

  15. Always fun seeing your the nativity pieces!
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!

  16. Hey, I guessed Joe Namath!! I appreciate finally knowing the plural of Jesus, all these years, I was in the dark :) All nice finds, Donna; I enjoyed your baby shoes, skates, and candle stand, especially. Thanks for sharing it all at Vintage Charm!

  17. I love that reading comprehension card. You're darned if you do and darned if you don't with some of this stuff, aren't you? They "shouldn't" know what something is and at the same time they're expected to.

  18. The hunting will never end, so don't even think about it:-) Thanks for sharing your latest junking adventure at VIParty.

  19. It's always fun seeing your new treasures!
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!


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