Sunday, December 7, 2014

Using Ice Skates In The South

using ice skates for door decor, Christmas
We do not seem to have much use for ice skates in this part of South Carolina.
From time to time in the last couple of decades, ice rinks have sprung up and then slowly died as interest in ice skating waned.

We do love our roller skating!

After seeing such beautiful door decorations using ice skates, I went on the hunt and found one adult pair and one child's pair.

It only took six months!

But then I was cheap - I was not spending more than five dollars for them.

The adult pair might have been used twice.

The child-sized pair had never had the rolled tongue taken out of the plastic wrap.

Must have been a failed Santa gift.

Sometimes he does get it wrong, you know.

I replaced the laces with torn red plaid flannel.

Who wants boring white laces?

I bought fake greenery and small bird's nests for the filler.

I cut the toes from socks and placed blocks of Styrofoam in them to slide into each skate.

I turned down the cuff of the sock over the top of the skate.

Red, green, and tan argyle for the small skates and red for the large.

The decorated skates looked right festive in my toolbox with a Christmas sheep, but I have promised no more Christmas.

(Except for the vintage Santa from last week.)

I test drove them on my front door.

My mailman thought they were wonderful.

(He thinks I am crazy for all the stuff he finds on the front stoop when he puts the mail in the box.)

How did I hang them?

I punched a hole, threaded some leather lacing through and tied it in a loop.

Using ice skates in the South!

Remember to return tonight for Make It Monday.  We start at 7PM Eastern each Sunday night.  Tamara (Etcetorize).  chose the features from last week's party so they will be found on her party post. 

See y'all!

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  1. These are beautiful Donna! You will sell them quickly...if you haven't already. I have admired them used as decor for a couple years on bloglandia! I found a real, vintage sled at the flea market the other day and wanted it so bad to use as decor on my porch next winter, but I didn't even ask the price as it was quite large, the hubby was with me, and I knew he would say we didn't have the extra space to store it, but I sure did want it! Oh well....I have my memories of flying down the iced over roads when I lived in Washington a teen. So cool! Have a RESTFUL Sunday....teacher's orders!

  2. Those skates are just beautiful! Love that you hung one on your own front door. Putting the little sock on the top is kind of like the icing on the cake. Nice job Donna! Do not tell me that Santa gets it wrong sometimes....I'm shocked!

  3. Our dad grew up in Wisconsin so he had lots of use for ice skates. My sister has his old ones and has often talked about doing this exact same thing. I think I need to remind her of her plan!


  4. They look great Donna! I'm in Washington state (where Vicky has memories of!) so ice skates are everywhere here! I should pick up a pair and make them up for my decor!


  5. Donna these are so cute! I love seeing Ice Skates and even if we don't use them here in the South much they do say Winter to me! Cute Cute Cute!

  6. Oh, I love seeing ice skates as d├ęcor during the holidays too! And you did a great job in decorating these. Love the torn plaid laces . . . looks more shabby chic!

  7. Love how yours turned out Donna! Oh, my goodness, I learned piano on the book in your one picture!!!!

  8. Ice skates for decorating are so much fun. Love how you updated the laces and so creative to add the turned down sock. Would never have thought to do that. Looks really nice on your red door.
    Happy Christmas.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  9. I love decorating the holiday with skates, and have two pairs hanging up right now. I might have to "copy" the plaid flannel laces...I just LOVE plaid!

  10. I find ice skates now and then at thrift stores here in Atlanta. We have a few ice skating rinks scattered around the city and at Centennial Park. I love how you used yours.

  11. Your skates turned out awesome!!
    Love the use of plaid flannel for the shoe strings and the sock cuffs are special.
    Your creativity never ceases to amaze me.
    Been looking for skates around here but every one else must be too!
    Keep having fun!

  12. Changing the laces was a brilliant idea! It makes all the difference!

  13. Donna, you got a big hit this time! Well you do every time, but I love, love this! I hope to make it there next week. HOPE!

    1. Oh yeah, hop over to my place and enter into my giveaway.

  14. Cute,retro and shic!


  15. I wish I could find me some great vintage ice skates (kinda hard in my area).


  16. Donna, the red flannel shoe lace is inspired. I love these skates!!!


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